Huawei Switch Stack Configuration Summary

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In general, when there are multiple switch stacks, there is one manageable switch, and the other "standalone switch" in the stackable switch can be managed
by the manageable switch. The stackable switch can be very convenient for the
expansion of the network, is the ideal choice when building a new network.Huawei 16 Port Switch S2700 18Tp Si Ac Fast Ethernet Switch

The corresponding stack of multiple switches becomes a whole. We can manage multiple stacked switches as a whole. That is, all the switches in a stack can
be regarded as one switch from the topological structure. Stacked switches can
be managed as one switch. The switch stacking technology uses a dedicated
management module and stack connection cable. The advantage of this is that, on
the one hand, the user ports are increased and a wide broadband link can be
established between the switches so that each actual user bandwidth is used. It
may be wider (only if not all ports are in use).Huawei IP PBX ESpace U1980 Voip Gateway, View Ip Pbx

On the other hand, multiple switches can be used as a large switch to facilitate unified management. In actual use, we can only configure the master
switch. When you view the port, you can also see all the ports of all the
switches. In other words, it looks like multiple switches in appearance, but
logically it has become a whole (a switch). Of course, the stack connection and
setting methods vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. This document is
based on Huawei's switches. The stacking methods of other vendors' switches also
refer to the corresponding manuals of the device, but the connection and setting
steps are This article is similar, you can refer to this article to operate.HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 10 Server Price And Specs Router

Huawei Switch Stack Configuration Summary: In summary, the benefits of the Huawei switch stack configuration are numerous. If you have the opportunity to
connect multiple switches through a stack, you must use this stable and
high-performance method. Believing that the benefits he brings will make it
easier for network administrators to reduce the occurrence of open circuit
accidents due to excessive network load.S57EI Series Gigabit Enterprise Switches Absatraining

Posted 25 Apr 2018

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