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situation is contrary to where after all? The expert thinks: It is home collects cutting material to although drop considerably,plan index, but a few produce an area to get acrylic per square meter economic interest drive, still have super- cut limitation even the phenomenon of hackle denudation exists, the lumber that enters current field every year from this channel has 30 million M3; 2 be in recent years lumber substitute comes out in succession, goods of plastic, aluminous, composite decking where to buy steel, bamboo is in the domain of original lumber unify the whole country also distinguish oneself; 3 it is to decorate, reheat of furniture lumber market, bearing of demand of the demand of this respect and capital construction, maintenance, production is compared still is small head, chow to cover a wall in decking and latter implements vigorous finance policy all the time in recent years because of the country, dominate money market, unapt form overheat economy, at present brunt demand has not show completely; 4 it is in recent years numerous businessman participates in lumber to wood decks for pools in china manage in succession, market order is confused, lack rigorous management. The place on put together is narrated, it is theoretic resource on one hand in short supply, it is haven of accumulation of many entrance lumber on one hand, sell not as
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