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Classmates, what do you think is happiness? I think happiness is to taste the joys and sorrows of life in writing. I have been writing notes and writing notes since the second grade, which makes me very happy; writing reading notes has made me understand the true feelings of many articles; writing reading notes makes me more like reading; writing reading notes, also Improve my writing level; write reading notes, cultivate my sentiment; write reading notes, improve my qual pen; I express my feelings in words; I like to wander in the ocean of literature; I am eager to write a legendary dream; I like to cultivate my own sentiment there; I, like it there Cigarettes Online. Look for the peace that belongs to the soul Marlboro Menthol 100S. In fact, everyone has a fertile ground in their hearts. As long as we are willing to open up, we will certainly achieve a different success! "The pen is falling, the poetry is a ghost," I wish to fly with literaryeloped the habit of writing a diary Marlboro Gold. Record what you see and hear in the form of a diary every day Carton Of Newports. That's how I fell in love with writing. No matter how happy or sad, happy grievances can be written through writing. Writing has made me a little more aura, forgetnd gold. Everywhere, if you win the scene, you will have a heart-warming, swaying ink, and hat only dreams can write the text you want. I don't like to write as usual, and I hate to write as usual. Read more and feel more warm and cold to know what you are suitable for. It is just an interest, and a perception of the growth and transformation of one stakes me happy in peace Online Cigarettes, and pen and paper make me feel comforted when I hesitate. After a stroke, the unhappiness and melancholy in my heart will be swept away; when I go down, my heart will have more peace and elegance; when I go on, I will sketch out a season, anib leaps over the paper and plays beautiful scores in my heart. When the cold comes, the soul is sublimated in the confrontation between paper and ink. Writing must have a good attitude, feelings of impetuousness, confusion, and undoubtedly written things are also messy and clueless; writing experience is based on long-term accumulation; writing can not be done overnight, you need to read more, observe more Plus, there is a certain ideological cultivation and life experience; writing is a boring thing, first of all, there must be enough perseverance.
Posted 24 Jul 2018

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