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The candidates should be pleased to get the most exciting Chevening scholarship 2018-19 and it is the government scholarship program of UK in order to pursue the master degree at any UK university. The candidates can study any course at world class universities of UK. The government of UK selected 63 students across Pakistan in 2017 and this is the once in lifetime opportunity to study in UK.
The Chevening offers the fully funded scholarships and this is the global scholarship program of UK government, which is funded by Foreign and Commonwealth office and the partner organization. You can also develop it professionally and academically and grow the network, experience the culture of UK and build the positive relationships with UK.
The detailed information about Chevening Scholarship is given below.
Host Institution:Any university in the UK
Level/Fields of Study:Full-time taught Masters Degree Programme in any subject at any UK university.
Course Duration:One-Year Master’s Degree
No. of Scholarships:Around 1500 scholarships globally will be offered.
Eligible Countries:The scholarships are targeted to citizens of Chevening-eligible countries.  You can watch at official website for a complete list of countries eligible for Chevening scholarships. For your easiness (Pakistan is Eligible).
Scholarship Value:The Chevening scholarship is added with university tuition fee, monthly stipend, travel costs to and from UK, the arrival allowance, homeward departure allowance, cost of one visa application and the travel grant to the candidates in order to attend the Chevening events in UK.
Chevening Scholarship Requirements:Required documents:
Before you start the application for the Chevening scholarship, you should ensure that you have following things ready:
  • Valid passport/national ID card. (You can apply for Passport, as the deadline for Chevening Scholarship is 6th November 2018).
  • [/*]
  • You can submit your application forms without having the valid passport. You will also be required to bring the valid passport or the official photo identification at the time of your interview at British embassy or high commission, if you are selected.
  • [/*]
  • The university transcripts and the degree certificates of undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • [/*]
  • Three different master degree courses choice in UK.
  • [/*]
  • Name of two references, who know you in the professional or the academic capacity.
  • [/*]
Eligibility Criteria:To become eligible for Chevening Scholarship you must have:
  • ·         The candidates must be the citizen of the country of Chevening and this scholarship is open to all like Chevening Scholarship Malaysia
  • [b]Chevening Scholarship Egypt, Chevening Scholarship India, Chevening Scholarship Pakistan (Pakistan is eligible).[/b][/*]
  • Return to country of citizenship for maximum of two years after the ending of the scholarship.
  • [/*]
  • The candidates can have the undergraduate degree enabling them to gain the entry to the postgraduate program at UK University. It is equivalent to upper second class 2.1 honors degree in UK.
  • [/*]
  • The candidates must have minimum two years work experience.
  • [/*]
(If you have the work experience during your education or before the start of the education, like part time employment, voluntary work, paid or unpaid internships, which count up to 02 years, they can apply for it. The work experience can be in any field and they does not relate to the course, for which you have applied.)
  • You can get more information about the work experience, if you click here.
  • [/*]
  • You can also apply to 3 different eligible UK University courses and you may receive the unconditional offer from one of the choices by 11 July 2019.
  • [/*]
  • You can meet the Chevning English language requirement by 11 July 2019.
  • [/*]
The candidates do not need to have IELTS at this point, once you are selection, you will get the timeline to send the IELTS by July 2019.
Tip:      Please apply in more than 3 universities, minimum 5 to 6 to secure admission.
Application Procedure (Very Very Important):You are allowed to follow the following steps to apply for Chevening scholarship award
Step 1: Course Finder 
  • You need to follow the following link and get the course and university that Chevening is funding in UK.
  • [/*]
  • You need to choose three courses and you will not be able to change the course choice after submission of the application unless the university is granted permission to do so at the time of your interview. You will apply separately to the selected courses through the university. You must get the unconditional offer for one of your course choices to award the scholarship by the 11 July 2019.
  • [/*]
  • The applicants will need to select three different courses of the master degree and these can be three different courses at same university or three similar courses of three different universities.
  • [/*]
  • We recommend the selected three similar courses at three different universities to enhance the likelihood that you get the entry into one of them.
  • [/*]
Step 2: Chevening Scholarship Login
  • When you start your application, you need to visit the apply page, select the country and territory and level and complete the eligibility form.
  • [/*]
  • You can get the list of courses, which are offered to the Chevening program if you click here.
  • [/*]
  • If you have already started the application previously, you can continue with the use of login button ad click on application center button and select the ‘Review status’ there.
  • [/*]
Recommendation Letters (References):
  • When you are shortlisted for the award, you will need to login to the online application system and request for the reference from your referees. The request will generate the email to referees and they will submit the reference by 25 February 2019. It is the different process from last year and you are no longer able to upload the reference on behalf of a referee. We will not get the references that are forwarded directly to Chevening Secretariat or to the local British embassy / high commission.
  • [/*]
  • You can also find more information about references, if you click here.
  • [/*]
  • If your name is shortlisted for the interview for Chenvening Award, you are advised to attend the interview in the city, where the British embassy or high commission has the representation.
  • [/*]
  • Chenvening scholarships will run the interview from 4 March to 1 May 2019.
  • [/*]
  • You can find more information about the interview if you click here.
  • [/*]
  • [/*]
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Scholarship Value:The Chevening scholarship is added with university tuition fee, monthly stipend, travel costs to and from UK, the arrival allowance, homeward departure allowance, cost of one visa application and the travel grant to the candidates in order to attend the Chevening events in UK. 200-125 dumps
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