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The weather is finally getting nicer and your Puggle is likely antsy to go outside and PLAY! He has been cooped up all winter
long Samson Ebukam Jersey , and that energy has been built up for some time now! I know mine are anxious to get outside. They just love playing in the back yard
with the kids.

There are so many "fun" things that you can do with your Puggle! They do not always have to be stuck in the house or kennel when you are
going outside. Let them tag along.

However, before you can do this, it is important that your Puggle has been trained and WILL listen to you when you give
commands. It is important to the safety of your dog and for your own sanity!
Once you have gone through all of the stages of training, and you have shown
your dog whose boss, it is okay to play! Take him outside and let him get some
fresh air and burn off some of that pent up energy from the winter

I have learned that people simply just do not know what their Puggle can do, and they do not know how to play with their dog. It is amazing
the things your dog can do, and the fun you are likely missing out on. Here are
some ideas to get you started with a fun filled summer with your four-legged

Hide and Seek - This one is so much fun. And, the best thing is your dog is always it! You get to hide each and every time. And, your dog is
truly amazing at seeking. Try it. You will be surprised at how much fun your dog
is at playing hide and seek.

Flag football - Teach your dog as one of his "tricks" during training how to pull the flag off of you. This will prepare him
for the awesome game of flag football. The kids and Puggles love this one.
However, since Puggles are usually short, you will need to place the flag
somewhere he can reach it! Frisbee - All dogs love to catch the Frisbee. Your
dog will enjoy this for hours and hours. Of course, Frisbee golf may be out of
the question!

Fetch - This all time classic is probably one of your Puggle's favorite game. Always include this game in your agenda for the

Water Hose - Your dog will like to chase the water stream. They could spend hours just chasing after it or running through a

Go to the Park - You don't always have to stay in the backyard to play. Venture out and give your Puggle some new and exciting experiences.
Just be sure your Puggle is fully trained and will obey you when you are out and

Go to the Lake - Does your dog like to swim? Many people will likely never know. Does he like to play in the water? There are actually dog
life jackets available online. I would definitely recommend getting one for your
Puggle for his own safety, but other than that, throw him in and see if he likes
it! More than likely, he will have the time of his life!

These are just some ideas that I have thought of with my own Puggles. Be creative and give your
dog the time of his life by just playing. And, in turn, your's will give you
andor your family a lot of fun memories!
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We have gotten fun while playing with a dog. It is better to do physical activities to refresh the mind. But we should care about sanitation.
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Posted 08 Dec 2018

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