How to fix paper jam in HP Printer?

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There can be multiple reasons for the paper jam that is causing your printer not to run properly. So you can try these steps to remove
the trouble. Or get in touch with HP Printer customer support to consult with the experts.
·        Turn off the printer
·        Open the cover
·        Check for jam
·        Remove the obstruction
·        Try to print
This will surely eliminate any paper jams, also you should load the paper into the tray properly.
Posted 04 Oct 2018

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emnipetro says
 I’ve literally never had a good relationship with one of my past printers. Even the more expensive ones I’ve owned have still jammed or refuse to print properly with the help of HP Customer Support I resolve me that paper jamming issue. if you also face that issue you can contact them. 
Posted 11 Oct 2018

saimthomus says
You will clear a paper stick. Obviously, I have a different article for this, however, allows simply put it again here so you won't need to go anyplace. 
Turn on the printer. 
Slide open the information plate and evacuate all free paper. 
In the event that there is a paper stuck in the printer, evacuate it by delicately hauling it out. 
Altogether check the plate to check whether there is any torn paper cleared out. Search for other outside articles also. 
Slide in the info plate. Go to the back of the printer. 
While still on, expel the power rope from the printer. Expel any connected links and USB also. 
Open the printer top and check whether there is any remote protests or torn paper. 
Expel them delicately to maintain a strategic distance from inside harm. Make sure to check the printer altogether for any pieces and little bits of paper utilizing an electric lamp. 
Find the cleanout entryway handle (it's the white handle close to the back of the printer) 
Haul out the cleanout entryway. Check if there is any outside articles or stuck paper. Make certain to check the printer altogether. 
Lift the duplexer switch to check whether there is anything stuck in the middle. 
Turn the printer on its side and check if there is any paper stuck or remote articles stuck. 
Fitting the power rope and different links back to the printer. 
Turn on the printer and hold up until the point when it warmed up. 
Run a test print. 
In the event that the printer prints, the issue is settled. In the event that it doesn't print, proceed to the following fix.
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Posted 24 Nov 2018

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