Causes of uneven grinding wheel rotation

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The manufacturing technology of [u]fast grinding wheel for stainless steel[/u] is more complicated. In the process of production, the grinding wheel must be produced strictly according to the technology. Otherwise, it may cause the error process of grinding wheel, and affect the use of grinding wheel. The grinding wheel manufacturer introduced some reasons for the unbalance of grinding wheel.
The unbalance of [u]high quality 9'' grinding wheel[/u] is mainly caused by inaccurate manufacturing and installation of grinding wheel, which makes the center of gravity of grinding wheel not coincide with the rotating shaft. The harmfulness of wheel unbalance is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, when the wheel rotates at high speed, it causes vibration and easily causes polygonal vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece.
After the [u]230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel[/u] is roasted and solidified, its size, shape and the accuracy of each surface mutual position can not meet the technical requirements of use. It has to be turned, rubbed and grinded. Because of objective technical reasons, most of the traditional knife bowls are used to turn at home and abroad.
The state generally advocates energy saving and emission reduction, and we should always keep this in mind when firing ceramic grinding wheels. Low-temperature firing can shorten the time, facilitate rapid firing, and has a significant effect on energy saving.
Posted 16 Oct 2018

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