basalt crushing production principle

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The crushing machine, also known as crusher is actually a mechanical equipment for crushing of ores and rocks, of which crusher because high productivity well received a warm welcome from manufacturers, so basalt crushing machine sales are very unpopular.
Because crusher is mainly used in smelting, chemical raw material grinding production, is mainly used for crushing crushed limestone, granite, low hardness material and so on, can be used as crushing equipment, stone, plastic, garbage and other materials, and can be used in the sand and selected mine production line, so crusher for sale in the manufacturing industry is very popular stone machine is composed of a box body, a rotor, hammer, lining counterattack sieve plate, such as the five major components, the working principle of the original material is broken by impact hammer crusher internal, broken after the completion of the bored into the lower part of the rotor, the material for the second time to the crushing crushing plate in the hammer to drive down in the process of high-speed rotary hammer constantly with animal material impact and crushing.
When broken to a certain degree of material, into the sieve plates in the impact of the drive, a particle size of less than sieve plate hole, then the crushed material will be discharged through sieve, sieve pore diameter greater than the coarse grained material, will stay on the sieve plate continues to be a hammer blow and grinding, until the break to through the sieve screening size through the sieve plate, material, is directly through the sieve after delivery to the discharge port.
Posted 13 Nov 2018

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