The fast working grinding wheel grinding process

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The fast working grinding wheel grinding process
a. Grinding amount of grinding.
b. Grinding fluid grinding fluid has great influence on the life of super-abrasive grinding wheel and the quality of grinding surface. For example, the resin binder super-abrasive grinding wheel wet grinding can improve the life of the grinding wheel by about 40% compared with dry grinding. mill. Because the super-hard abrasive wheel has tight structure, less pores and easy to be blocked during grinding, the grinding fluid is required to have good lubricity, cooling, cleaning and permeability.
When grinding diamond fast working grinding wheels, oily liquids and water-soluble liquids (emulsions, inorganic salt aqueous solutions) mainly composed of light mineral oil are used as grinding fluids, depending on the specific conditions. It is not advisable to use soda water for resin bond grinding wheels. When the cubic boron nitride grinding wheel is ground, the oily liquid is generally used as the grinding fluid instead of the water-soluble liquid, because the cubic boron nitride abrasive grains and water will be hydrolyzed under high temperature conditions, which will aggravate the wear of the fast working grinding wheel.
Posted 15 Dec 2018

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