Advantages Of Grinding Wheel Made In China

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1. Grinding wheel made in China has high grinding precision and long wear-resisting time. It does not need to be often trimmed. Its precision requirements can fully meet the requirements of precision machining. It can avoid the taper of the workpiece during the machining process. The excellent wear resistance of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel can make the enterprise greatly Saving production costs, no need to stop work frequently to repair the grinding disc, can greatly improve production efficiency and expand production.
2. A variety of bonding agents have ultra-high wear resistance, and the wear of the grinding wheel made in China is extremely small.
3. The mechanical strength of the grinding wheel made in China base can withstand the high cutting force during high-speed grinding. High reliability and high reliability.
4. The high quality 9'' grinding wheel has a sharp appearance, and the abrasive grain has a large protrusion height and can accommodate a large amount of long chips.
Posted 26 Dec 2018

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