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There is another groundbreaking invention forcing its way to the market. There may be new hope for those patients who typically have not
responded to any treatment protocol performed in accordance with Multidrug
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This therapy does not use a biochemical but rather the biophysical process. With continuous therapy, pain gradually lessens and eventually
disappears in a high percentage of cases. The device utilizes the electrical
impulses instead of narcotic painkillers. These are intended for patients who
suffer chronic pain, especially to those who do not respond to narcotic

Commonly, these people suffer consistent pain and are not responsive even to high doses and powerful narcotic drugs. Chronic pain therapy
is a multi-billion dollar industry with anticipated thousands of patients
frustrated to unleash themselves from ineffective drugs and their accompanying
side effects.

The sad part is that the business seems to be a failure since the start of its sales in February last year. But a few days ago,
improvements have started to take place. Investors who were disappointed with
the last year of sales have now been given a light of hope.

In the present, there are lots of studies that are conducted to test the effectiveness
of the said therapy. They are expected to present their patient case studies
that will either approve or disprove the effectiveness of their non-narcotic
approach to treat severe pain from cancer, chemotherapy-induced peripheral
neuropathy (CIPN), failed back surgery, phantom limb syndrome, pain from
shingles and other kinds of chronic pain. A success in the clinical study about
the effectiveness of the therapy to treat Chemotherapy-induced peripheral
neuropathy may warrant a peer-reviewed article that will be published in a
medical journal. This will surely bring the product to its rise.

Today, the product is not sold to the United States but In Virginia, there is a study
conducted to assess the effectiveness of the said technology. If the studies
will support what is claimed, the sales may be increased and consequently, more
investors may be attracted and an increased supply may surely follow.
VILNIUS, July 12 (Xinhua) -- Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, sworn for her second five-year term on Saturday, promising to find ways out of even
the most difficult situations that the Baltic country might face.

""The challenges ahead are clear. We cannot choose them - they are presented by life,"" Grybauskaite said in her inaugural address during the solemn ceremony
held in the Seimas, Lithuania's parliament.

Lithuania's military, energy and information security are the greatest concern for the country, she stressed.

""Let us not wander away from the path of European nations - Lithuania's foreign policy must protect its economic and political interests,"" she said.

Grybauskaite repeatedly called for stronger fight against corruption in the country.

The leader also emphasized the importance of individual life quality and reduction of social exclusion. ""Economic growth must be translated into jobs
and adequate income for a dignified life,"" Grybauskaite added.

""So let us be proud of our unique country and its achievements. Let us never allow anybody to demean the State of Lithuania,"" Grybauskaite completed her

The ceremony was also attended by Speaker of Seimas of Lithuania Loreta Grauziniene, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius and former president Valdas

""We are all obliged and responsible for our country's future. Harmonious cooperation of all governing institutions is of high importance,"" Grauziniene

The audience welcomed with applause Grauziniene's remark that Lithuania has been waiting few decades for the first female president to prove that ""the
state can be governed not only by men"".

As the first female president of Lithuania, Grybauskaite won her second presidency with roughly 58 percent supportive votes in this May, which also made
her the first president of the Baltic country to be consecutively elected.

Former President Valdas Adamkus was expecting that second presidential term for Grybauskaite should be easier.

""The second presidential term has its own advantages because you gain more experience, know what hopes and problems people have and try your best to solve
them,"" Adamkus was quoted by the news agency ELTA.

Algirdas Butkevicius, Lithuania's PM, was also speaking about the need of sustainable cooperation among the main state authorities, for the country's

According to Butkevicius, working together with the president has been ""a great challenge and very useful experience"" for his cabinet.

Following inauguration of the re-elected president, PM returned the government's mandate. The president signed a decree, appointing the government
to act as temporary caretaker.

Under the Constitution, the government is to return its mandate to a newly-elected president who should propose a candidate for prime minister within
15 days to the parliament, news agency BNS reports.

It is already clear that at least three ministers will be changed in the new government, some changes are also expected on the level of vice ministers, who
all resigned by Friday, with few exceptions.

The president's team has also been renewed, with new security, economic and social policy and media senior advisers to start their work with Grybauskaite.

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Posted 10 Jan 2019

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