105*1.2*16 cutting disc use range?

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The 105*1.2*16 cutting disc as acommonlyused cutting piece device, its use brings great convenience to our production
and is widely used in production in various industries. So in order to make
better use of the cutting piece, you should understand it before use. Today,
the aurora abrasive tool will give you a brief introduction to the use of 105*1.2*16
cutting disc:
1. Slotting on the road, bridge andriver channel.
2. The engraving of the road surface andthe bridge surface by the road engraving.
3. The cutting piece is suitable for thecutting of terrazzo marble.
4. Cutting of cement pavement, hardrefractory materials and non-metallic materials.
5. Widely used in municipalconstruction, road reconstruction, airport runway construction, concrete
pavement and other construction sites, especially suitable for professional
cutting operations such as asphalt and concrete pavement cutting.
Specific steps:
1. In order to reduce the grinding heatand improve the heat dissipation conditions of the tool, it is also possible to
slot the cutting piece. The number of slots is generally between 4-16, and the
adjacent slot spacing should not be equally divided.
2. The cutting piece with 90° V-shapedgroove is suitable for rough grinding, cutting piece with rectangular groove,
and coarse grinding can be used.
3. In order to reduce the contactsurface between the cutting piece and the cutter, prevent annealing and prevent
the cutting piece from interfering with the ground surface. Before cutting, the
cutting piece frame should be rotated by 1°-2°, so that the cutting piece is
grounded on one side of the cutting piece. When sharpening the front of the
tool with a spiral groove or a chute, the angle at which the cutting carriage
rotates should be 1°-2° smaller than the helix angle or the bevel angle of the
Posted 11 Jan 2019

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