Color Corrugated Steel Plates You Don't Know

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The impact of the environment on high quality color corrugated steel sheet.
Device or processing quality: It mainly shows whether the coating can be damaged during processing, whether it can be processed when the coating is brittle at low temperature, and the steel plate is damaged when the device is driven, and the welding iron scraps are dropped on the coating during the installation. At the end of the day, the roof panel will not be cleaned, etc., which will cause corrosion.
From the above introduction of the corrosion factors of high quality color corrugated steel plates, as well as the analysis of the results of our users' use of conditions and exposure experiments, our application to different regions is as follows:
In the high-altitude plateau and low-latitude areas of UV, the high quality color corrugated steel sheet should be selected with excellent durability. In high temperature and high humidity areas, coatings and coatings should be selected for corrosion resistance. 
Posted 11 Jan 2019

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