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" Fans of Guo'an Custom Arizona Coyotes Jersey , Beijing's local football team, cheer for the team on April 21 Custom Anaheim Ducks Jersey , 2015. (File photoXinhua) The Beijing government will send officials to football games to ensure fans are behaving themselves.

The local civilization office will send personnel to football games when Guo'an, Beijing's local football team Authentic Vegas Golden Knights Jersey , is playing. The government wants less bad language and throwing of trash from fans at such matches.

Fans were offered trash bags on Saturday as Beijing played in Jiangsu province. Hopefully, football lovers will place their rubbish in these bags and
behave in a more civilized manner in general Authentic Winnipeg Jets Jersey , said the local civilization office director.

Beijing's football fans are becoming younger overall and can behave irrationally at times, says Zhang Yue Authentic Washington Capitals Jersey , the head of Guo'an's cheerleading team, who thinks football fan associations should guide members to behave more

A fan named Kang Ning also expressed willingness to embrace a more polite manner while supporting games.

It is reported that 80 percent of Beijing football fans voluntarily remove trash after a game.

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