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In any field of medical sciencCheap Corey Peters Jersey , precision is of utmost importance. The success is often measured in minute degrees. Same way skill and precision are required for all
Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The skill of ART is gained only through
in-depth knowledge and experience. Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)
encompasses procedures ranging from relatively simple Intra Uterine Insemination
(IUI), IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Cryo Preservation and Vitrification. Efficiency, skill,
and speed coupled with precision and gentleness are the ideal requirements of a
successful clinician, gynecologists, embryologist and technicians involved in an
operation of ART Techniques.

Embryology Academy for Research and Training (EART) is a young emerging new dimension in the field of ART Education. EART
initiated sincere and honest efforts to understand current needs of the
embryologists & gynecologists for learning various ART techniques (IUI, IVF,
ICSI, and Cryopreservation). Thus, EART provides a platform for perfecting
Assisted Reproductive skills & latest technologies.

EART imparts this knowledge through lectures, actual hands-on training, and demonstrations
that ensure proficiency for every aspirant gynecologists, embryologists, and
clinicians at the end of course. The main objective of this program is to update
the scientific background and to promote the clinical and the technical skills
in assisted reproductive technology with intention of perfection.

It is an established fact that like any branch of medicine, assisted conception also
requires precision and caution; qualities that can only be achieved through
sound knowledge and expertise. It is with this purpose that EART has been formed
to impart the knowledge and training to those Embryologists and Gynaecologist
who seek knowledge, an upper hand in all the latest developments with regards to
Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Trainees will have ample opportunity to
interact with the embryologists and observe procedures that are performed within
the ART laboratory. The importance of laboratory maintenance, quality control
measures and good record keeping will also be stressed during the course. The
team at EART strives to assure the support to the professional & academic
interests of embryologists working in India and around the world.

A number of lectures and modules are conducted by EART for training in ART
throughout the year. One of such course is Advanced ART Techniques. This is a
comprehensive course coupled with lectures and hands-on incorporating all the
ART techniques. It includes basic instrumentation and application support also.

The objective of this course is to provide comprehensive hands-on training in all fields of ART (IUI, IVF, and ICSI), including the set-up and
running of the lab, specific procedures, and quality control to ensure the
highest possible success rates in an IVF program. Various aspects of the
clinical management of the patient will be covered exhaustively.

Know more about Ivf training courses and role of training center in detail at

The course offers each trainee a complete hands-on learning opportunity. The training to each participant will include

1. Interactive series of lectures with audiovisual aids.

2. Videomultimedia presentation of certain clinical aspects like

Follicular study
Ovum picks up.
Oocyte stripping
Laser assisted hatching
Oocyte zygote embryo scoring
Culture and embryo transfer
Lab set up and instrumentation

Hands on learning from renowned faculty in following laboratory aspects:

Routine semen analysis
Sperm preparation techniques
Dish preparation for IVF and ICSI
Types of media, media handling, aliquoting and storage
Oocyte and embryo handling transfer between droplets and dishes
Catheter loading for IUI and embryo transfer
Micromanipulation components and mechanics
Aligning of micromanipulator, oocyte holding, sperm catching and injecting
Good laboratory practices
Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos (demonstration only)

Evaluation of each individual will be done through MCQs and practical demonstration of skills. At the end of the course, trainees will get
Course manual and a certificate. The course is ideal for both beginners and
established IVF practitioners in IVF field, embryologists, and qualified

Efficiency, skill, and speed coupled with precision and gentleness are the ideal requirements of a successful embryologist. Success
rates of ART can be improved by the collective wisdom and experience of the
Scientists, Technologists, Embryologists, Endocrinologists, and Clinicians
working in this field. There is a need for well-trained professionals in the
field of ART to meet the growing demand of assisted reproductive technology
(ART). This knowledge is provided through a balanced mix of various teaching
modules, lectures, actual hands-on training and demonstrations that ensure
proficiency for every aspirant at course end. Knowledge of the basics in
embryology to the ultimate in cry sciences and laser devices all are imparted by
the team of embryologist, reproductive endocrinologists and other experts in
assisted reproductive techniques.

Some forms of ART are also used with regard to fertile couples for genetic reasons (pre-implantation genetic
diagnosis). ART includes in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm
injection (ICSI), cryopreservation and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Usage of
ART mainly belongs to the field of reproductive endocrinology and

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Posted 14 Feb 2019

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