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As one of the leading dental surgeons of India Steven
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 , Dr. Vijay Deshmukh has tackled several complicated
cases. Through the various treatments at Smilex Dental clinic, Dr. Deshmukh has
successfully created a comprehensive gamut of options to take care of many types
of dental problems occurring in people across age groups. This service also
includes dental care for kids. However, a surprising insight that Dr. Deshmukh
and his team have come across is that a lot of dental problems are actually a
result of lack of patient’s ability to maintain dental hygiene.

Dr. Deshmukh said, “Simple things like brushing your teeth after every meal or
flossing regularly can make a big difference to a person’s dental health.
However Mitch
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 , people don’t give importance to the idea of forming
such habits and end up dreading the visit to the dentist. While it is important
to pay attention to caring for your dental health, it is also important to start
developing these habits right from childhood so that the effects are long

“This puts the onus on the parents, they have to teach their children all the important things about dental care and hygiene. At Smilex
Dental Clinic,
Pune Chris
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 , we always make it a point to emphasize on the
importance of dental care to all our little patients and even encourage the
parents to be forthcoming in talking to their kids about the importance of the
matter,” added Dr. Deshmukh.

So coming from the experts at one of the best dental clinics in Pune, here is a compilation of 5 dental care habits that
parents must teach their children.

-Brushing is important: A lot of kids don’t even know how to brush properly. Every morning when you give them the
toothbrush, they finish the job in less than a minute. This is wrong. Teach your
child the importance of brushing and the different motions used to reach the
different parts of the oral cavity. What’s more is that you have to teach them
to brush at least two times a
day Patrick
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 , i.e. morning when they wake up and at night before
they sleep. In fact, if possible ask them to brush after every meal.

-Reduce the intake of sugary foods: Sugary foods like juices, chocolate bars, soft
drinks Ron
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 , etc. are always high on the preference list of
toddlers. However, these foods can accelerate the process of tooth decay
therefore reduce the dependence on them.

-Nip the problem in the bud: Talk to your kids about common dental problems like tooth decay, cavities, etc.
and tell them about the symptoms so that when they experience anything similar
they are able to tell you sooner. This will also help in detecting the problem
early and getting rid of it.

-Practice what you preach: In order to teach your kids to practice healthy
habits Eric
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 , you will have to lead by example. Don’t be lazy or
avoid dental problems because if you do so, that’s what the kid will learn.

-Go to the dentist regularly: Your child’s first dental visit should start with their first birthday and become a habit repeated at regular intervals
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Posted 02 Apr 2019

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