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6 Key Reasons Lead Scoring Should be a Top Priority

In tough economic times and sales pressured more and more to break the logjam Tyler Higbee Jersey , sales lead scoring may well be the magic that changes everything. Read on.

Have you ever had a lead that didn’t go anywhere? It just sat there taking up space, time and resources. Sound familiar? Lead scoring can change that.

Lead scoring is a marketing and sales management technique which identifies hot leads, funneling them into sales for conversion, and identifies warm or cold
leads Jared Goff Jersey , sidelining them for nurturing. Lead scoring involves assigning points to leads based on pre-defined criteria.

If you’re new to the idea of lead scoring, no doubt you’re starting to get excited by this concept. Imagine being able to tell which leads are ready to
buy, which ones are only in a holding pattern perhaps doing research, and which
leads will likely remain cold forever. Lead qualification is an important part
of lead management technology.

1. Explicit information scores act to ballpark a lead. Any lead may give you information about their company size Samson Ebukam Jersey , industry segment and their job title. This data can be misleadingither over inflating their company or themselves, or undervaluing
their potentialut likely gives you enough information to know whether or not
they could be a hot lead.

2. Implicit information scores help refine the temperature assessment of a lead. Explicit, self-supplied information can fudge the overall picture, but
actions never lie. Does the lead visit the company’s website numerous times? Do
they click on links in emails? Do they respond to emails? In other
words John Johnson Jersey , do they behave like a hot prospect?

3. Sales no longer spins their wheels on unqualified leads. With the right combination and weighting of explicit and implicit scores, only the truly hot
leads are sent to sales. Let’s give a B2B example. The junior manager who is
fishing for information to impress their VP may be a warm or even a cold lead.
They may only visit the website once and may never answer any emails. The
mid-level manager who is tasked with research and acquisition, on the other
hand, will be making a decision and needs to gather as much information as
possible in a short period of time. Their behavior is quite different.

4. Warm and cold leads are nurtured toward hot lead status. Sales is not equipped to spend a lot of time nurturing leads. With quotas and deadlines
looming Cooper Kupp Jersey , who can blame them for ignoring such lackluster potential? Having a separate unit keep tabs on the warm and cold leads, and if you apply
demand generation techniques, these undesirables can be converted into
tomorrow’s hot prospects.

5. Sales forecasting gets a boost in accuracy. By segregating your leads into various categories of warmth, you can know just how full your pipeline really
is. Your quotas will prove to be more realistic and achievable Aaron Donald Jersey , and your sales force will thrive.

6. Lead scoring can be outsourced. Imagine that. You can have all of the benefits of lead scoring, lead qualification and demand generation, and not be
burdened with the infrastructure overhead. You don’t have to do it all in-house.

Donell writes articles for VenderePartners

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