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World Casino News covers breaking news from around the globe. In this section we cover casino news. This is our main category which contains
about 75% of all articles so you may see the same articles also appear
in sub-categories or additional sections if more than one subject is
prominent in the casino

This is a great section for readers to follow the progress of their favorite up and coming new casinos. We report on new casino proposals as
the stories break and keep you in the loop if they hit snags. As the
projects move from the drawing table to groundbreaking, and when
construction and other milestones are reached, we'll let you know with
casino project updates. Look for opening date announcements and coverage
of grand openings here as well.

In this section, we also cover expansion projects, new hotel announcements, and casino closures. Look for the occasional cruise ship
news here too. This is the section you will want to bookmark to stay
abreast of all the Latest Casino and Gambling News, as it happens,
anywhere in the world.

that’s what he asked to be called for the purposes of this article, and similarly “Max” is not his friend’s real name — was working on Wall
Street until 9/11 caused him to press the “Spin Reels” button on his
career. He left New York for a fresh start, and he soon stumbled into
what is known as “advantage playing.”

When most people picture a slots player, images pass through their minds of a blue-haired woman with a slowly diminishing bucket of

Jay, now in his mid 40s, departs from that stereotype in every possible way, right down to the fact that the quarters in his bucket
usually don’t diminish. Advantage players look for any casino game that
gives them an edge. Slots are part of it — looking to vulture machines
that have been left in a position with a positive expected value (EV).

Posted 25 May 2019

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