Do you like to watch YouTube?

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Do you like to watch YouTube?
Posted 27 Jun 2019

Marinad says
I like to watch funny videos on YouTube.  I downloaded many of them on YouTube and review them in my free time with my friends. The only problem I had was converting the video to mp4 format, since my video player does not support other formats. My friend advised me to use this site and I am grateful to him for such valuable advice. Now I can easily and free download mp3 and create  mp3 from youtube converter and mp4 converter
Posted 04 Sep 2019

Ruslan5202 says
Yes, I like watching YouTube
Posted 04 Sep 2019

Jim78 says
I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t like YouTube)) Do you know that modern TVs allow you to comfortably watch such videos in good quality? I can advise you to visit this page to Compare TV. I used these reviews to choose smart TV for my mom this summer. Now, she enjoys watching YouTube recipes on the big screen.
Posted 24 Sep 2019

Just got my premium. That's a whole another story. Commercials lately 'been killing it for me. Every 4-6 minutes a brake. Worse than TV. 
Posted 29 Sep 2019

alvinrr says
I love to watch videos in YouTube, specially sports and gaming related videos.
Posted 02 Oct 2019

fuoos says
Hi guys! Currently, it is the global Internet that plays an important role in the life of any modern person. The Internet has been actively involved in the activities of the society for a relatively short period of existence and has been involved in all areas of society. On the Internet, users can participate in the production and exchange of information, including among themselves. People shoot video clips and upload them to the Internet. We watch them, like and comment on them. I am struck by a new trend. Now it’s popular to shoot videos in which 24 hours you need to do some kind of action, somehow behave specially and all that. Do you think such videos should be shot or not?
Posted 05 Nov 2019

arianapham says
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Posted 17 Dec 2019

I think everybody likes to watch YouTube now. Especially, people want to watch these videos when they are eating. They just can’t eat without anything to watch. So, if you want to start to film videos, you are always welcome and the site here will definitely help you with this goal. It will bring you some more followers and many like
Posted 23 Feb 2020

 You pretty much know what type of programming you are going to find on mainstream TV but YouTube is like a great bottomless ocean of content that's constant...


Posted 13 Mar 2020

laika says
I like watching music videos on youtube. There is a lot of beautiful music there I can discover and download afterward to listen to my favorite songs anywhere and at any time. I usually use a simple online tool for this purpose (like this youtube mp3 converter for example), as it saves me time and money.
Posted 3 weeks ago

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