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Office 2019 is very similar to Office 2016 that you can get at However, Office 2019 contains several updates and changes that you should know about. One big change is Office 2019 is only available for a computer running Windows 10 or if you have a Mac (one of the three most recent versions of Mac OS).In Word new learning tools can make the test easier to read without making permanent changes to your document. For instance, you can the text-based, page color or even have a word to read the text aloud. Once you are done you can close the tab to return the document to its original state.  |  |  | | |

Posted 05 Aug 2019

I am a regular user of Microsoft office. Compared to other versions of Microsoft office, the 2019 version is very easy to use. Virtual Private Servers? In this article, the author shares the procedure for activating Microsoft office. If you don't know to activate it, please follow the provided steps.
Posted 02 Oct 2019

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