Tamoxifen citrate, white powder

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Tamoxifen has been shown to protect bone from estrogen-deficiency bone loss and lower plasma cholesterol in the rat. A 10 µM solution has
exhibited fungicidal activity (optimal pH 7,5) against yeast cells of C.
albicans. It has been implemented in liver carcinogenesis in rats.

Other actions of tamoxifen are: Reduction of plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor; Induction of cells surrounding cancer cells
to secrete transforming growth factor b; Inhibition of membrane lipid
peroxidation probably by decreasing membrane fluidity.

Protein kinase C inhibitor. Induces apoptosis in human malignant glioma cell lines. Tamoxifen and its metabolite 4-hydroxytamoxifen are
selective estrogen response modifiers (SERMs) that act as estrogen
antagonists in mammary gland. Blocks estradiol-stimulated VEGF
production in breast tumor cells.

Soluble in methanol (50 mg/mL with heat) or ethanol (10 mg/mL with sonication); very slightly soluble in water (0.3 mg/L at 20 °C; the pH
is approximately 3.0-3.5), 0.02 N HCl (0.2 mg/mL at 37 °C), acetone or

Posted 07 Aug 2019

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