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Emoxypine act as a nootropic, that is able to help the concentration and improve knowledge. emoxypine do not behave like other types of nootropics that affect or alter the
behavior of various neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and

Instead, it works by protecting neurons from low oxygen and low glucose adjusting the level of oxygen in the brain, while the increase
of blood flow to the brain. It also increases the level of dopamine in
the brain that could help improve cognitive skills. Emoxypine provides
neuroprotective effects.

Compared to its nootropic behavior, emoxypine helps further increase focus and improve learning and memory by protecting neurons from
damaging free radicals that can cause damage to the neurons of the
brain. Another advantage of emoxypine is its anxiolytic effects. In
previous studies, it was observed that emoxypine helps reduce feelings
of anxiety. Also, there were no side effects (such as sedation), that
are commonly associated with anxiolytic drugs. This drug is known to
have anti-stress effects. It is used by patients during their period of
post-stress to help normalize and improve their behavior.

Emoxypine is also known for its antioxidant properties. Consequently, the main means of emoxypine of activity is its
membrane-protective and antioxidant results. It improves the activity of
various antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase particularly while it
also inhibits the activity of free radicals that can cause damage to
health. Emoxypine also displays anti-inflammatory properties. It can
reduce the severity of pain and can affect further rapid recovery of
function of peripheral nerves, and even the spinal roots. In a study
conducted in the past, anti-inflammatory effects of emoxypine have been
shown to significantly reduce back pain involved in lumbosacral

Emoxypine exhibits anti-alcohol dependence influence. It decreases alcohol intoxication and can help prevent and even reverse the damage
caused by constant frequent consumption of alcohol. It also provides
relief from the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Also performs direct
effect coronarolytic while emoxypine can increase coronary blood flow
which is beneficial for patients with coronary artery disease. It shows
the lipid-lowering action as it stabilizes lipid synthesis by decreasing
LDL or bad cholesterol, increasing HDL or good cholesterol. Further
improves the condition of patients with coronary artery disease by
normalizing oxidative stress. This drug shows cardioprotective effects.
And 'it is known to inhibit the effects of ischemia, a condition that
causes severe damage to the brain and heart tissue. It has anti-ischemic
effects by normalizing the metabolic processes in the ischemic
myocardium while improving coronary blood flow and myocardial
contraction. Emoxypine can also improve visual acuity, improving the
function of the optic nerve and retina. It is also observed that this
drug inhibits platelet aggregation. Emoxypine is also known for its
anti-hypoxia, anti-atherosclerosis and anticonvulsant action mechanisms.

Emoxypine's mechanism of action is believed to be its antioxidant and membrane-protective effects with the following key components:•
Emoxypine effectively inhibits free radical oxidation of biomembrane
lipids, reacts to peroxide radicals of lipids primary and hydroxyl
radical of peptides

Posted 07 Aug 2019

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