What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

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What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN?
No matter if a proxy server or a VPN, both methods are used to hide personal information.Do you know the differences between them?If not, let's have a look.
When should a proxy be used?
If you just want to unblock the site, the proxy server is probably
the simplest and most convenient solution.Because all work is done by a
remote server, you can visit the site by selecting the correct
location.If you find a blocked website that needs to be fixed in
an emergency, the proxy is a good choice.And since many proxy servers
use websites to provide services, you can use them in any operating
system.This means that you do not need to install the software.Of
course, installable agents are also available, from mobile apps to
browser plug-ins to desktop apps.Technically, this is not required.
The proxy server is sufficient, but also has its shortcomings.If you
want to anonymously access a large number of Web sites and
applications, the proxy server may not be able to do this for you.If you
use the proxy server for a long time, the disadvantages of the proxy
server are obvious: The speed is slower and less stable.
When is a VPN used?
VPN and proxy servers are very close.With the VPN service, the
information you transmit is first transmitted via the VPN server and
then reaches the destination.The main difference between VPN and proxy
is how to send data to the server.To use VPN, you must first install the
VPN software.The VPN software encrypts your data and forwards it to the
VPN server so that the data you transmit is not readable by the
Interceptor.This technique is called "tunneling," which is a
very descriptive word.Imagine driving on the road, people on both sides
can see: who drives, what is the model, what is the mark ... But
when you drive in the tunnel, people outside the tunnel can not see them
at all
So, VPN sets up a tunnel from your host, and nobody, including the
network service provider, can "see" what you're broadcasting.Many
criminals steal user information by intercepting packets sent
by users.However, when using a VPN, you do not have to worry about this
problem.VPN download
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What I've read is that you can be monitor while using a proxy. So proxy is not as secure as a VPN and more secure as compare to proxies. ??Besides, there are a ton of guides on VPN vs proxy and which one is better, (see a detailed article ?https://thevpn.guru/block-isp-tracking-vpn-proxies-tor/ ) specific for different protocols.
Posted 12 Dec 2019

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