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I`m a fan of different activities in the open air. Now I would like to try hunting. I don't fully know what do I have to do to become a hunter. I have a strong desire)
Posted 22 Oct 2019

Manchestes says
Hi there. I think you should have a look at your knowledge of shooting before you start. And buy some gear for your rifle!
Posted 23 Oct 2019

Ciulaoz says
It`s very good desire! I think you can become a good hunter. The only thing you need is desire) Shoot more and you will get the skill. Also, you should buy a good weapon sight for your rifle. It`s a very useful thing for a hunter. Look at https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight  and at this site you will definitely find a good one!
Posted 24 Oct 2019

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