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Quick and Easy Brochure Printing at the Office Published: 19.01.2010 | Author: katiemarcus | Category: Advertising
Need to do some brochure printing fast? Do you have that emergency visitor coming tomorrow or maybe some incidental customers you want to take care of by
impressing them with your color brochures?

Well Cheap Custom Jerseys , it might sound complicated and hard but brochure printing at the office can actually be done fast, quick and easy if you really need them.
Here are the five simple steps you can follow for fast printing and design.

1. Write your brochures ??First, you should write everything you need. More particularly, you should type everything you want that should be printed for the
brochures. Type it in a text document with all of the needed formatting already
placed. A word processor such as Microsoft word should be ideal to use. Use
lists when possible and divide the text into several sections to make things
easier to move and distribute. Make sure that you proofread your text as well so
that everything is perfect. Remember to write as concisely as
possible Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , making the whole text content as short as you can make it.

2. Layout your pages ??Secondly, you will need to layout. In the text document, you created you should do several things to make the document look
more like a color brochure. Here are the things you should do:

A. Change the orientation to Landscape ??It is important to change the orientation of the document to ??andscape?? This makes the document’s
orientation longer on the horizontal dimension and shorter on its counterpart.
This turns your text document into a document that looks more like a brochure or
flyer. Find this control at the page properties dialog window of your document.
Just look for it in the format menus.

B. Minimize the page margins ??Next, to get as much space within the document as possible try to minimize the margin. Change the margin to 0.5 inches or even
shorter so that Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , everything can fit within the layout. You can probably find this in the page properties section as well.

C. Add three text columns ??Afterward, to get that tri-fold effect, add three columns into the layout. Add some guide lines if you must so that people can
easily identify each panel. The command for this should usually be at the insert
menu in most word processing applications.

D. Pasting text and images ??Finally, just copy and paste in the text you want into the brochure layout. If you have images to place on the
brochure Cheap Jerseys From China , make sure that they are in high resolution before placing them in for the best results. Afterward, more or less the layout should be done.

3. Buying proper materials ??With the layout ready, you should then be thinking about printing. You will of course need to buy the proper materials.
Besides buying good quality ink for your printer, you should also try to acquire
good quality paper materials. Glossy letter sized paper should be
nice Cheap Jerseys China , but make sure that your printer can stand ink jet or laser jet printing machines first. This is crucial to keep the quality good enough.

4. Printing your brochures in the office ??Finally, with all the materials ready, you should then be able to start printing. Just load up your paper and
start cranking out. Make sure that you print back to back so everything is
simple and organized. You might also want to use a double sided color
photocopier to make the printing even faster.

5. Folding ??Once printing is done, almost everything should be finished. All that is left is to fold in the way that you want. In this case Cheap Jerseys , it is a tri-fold type, so two folds should be made at equal distances with each other making three panels on each side.

With the right equipment ready, you can have your new brochures ready within minutes. You should be able to breeze through with the process and even have fun
with brochure printing.

Katie Marcus writes about the brochure printing technologies used in the production of business brochures.

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