the database benefit cursing and scolding

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The database benefit gram got a fright and was also a fire to emit three Zhangs after finishing seeing telegram:"Is really funny laughably!Admire the Fu Luo's man, this old alcoholic, blind eyes?!Unexpectedly make so many enemies parachute in he or she's back.Whether his 37 soldiers wanted a collective Pan country!Wire back a report to him, three of his infantry divisions don't come to spend a holiday!"
    Is Lu Jin first, immediately after again is admire the Fu Luo's man, the database benefit cursing and scolding of gram even cannot helped but the chief of staff promise man of Mo Luo Jis, reminded a way:"Commander member the comrade isn't the time for finding out who wasing responsible now .Although only 20,000 infantries, still will result in serious threat for troops.I suggest to temporarily stop the survey to the Lu Jin comrade and let him wear offense to have a great achievement to immediately expect Er Ka Shi and fill rice Yi again after exterminating an enemy."
    Database benefit facial expression of the gram very dark, have no immediately an answer but counter-question a way:"Did you discover making collective report of tank and artillery?"
    "Having no is all light infantry."
    "Light infantry, 20,000 light infantries."The wholesale plantation shutters database benefit gram starts round-trip Duo to tread.20,000 light infantry threats aren't small, but Ba Er Ka Shi arrives eastern Kazakhstan and moxa set mountains all more than 200 kilometers, is wanted by 20,000 light infantries to outflank and attack back route undoubtedly is a Chi the person dream, so he think think just decision way:"Orderany!Dissolve the job of the Lu Jin Yi class group soldier lieutenant general, decline to have a great achievement for major general wearing offense.Dissolve the government Wei of Nietzsche section man job, from the political department director thank an inside man comrade part-time group military administration Wei, lead 16 group soldiers to round Jiao, this enemy together.Order admire the Fu Luo's man immediately take out to adjust a troops match to round Jiao, will never can make them lean to expect the Er Ka Shi Hunan north both ends!The order withdraws don't the job of Luo man one class group soldier full general is pulled Suo man by the Fu to take office group soldier commander, 4 mechanization soldiers merge into 24 group soldiers.Orderany 15 group soldiers, 24 group soldiers, 35 group soldiers immediately to fill rice Yi to continue to take the offensive, tell them, exhaustion's last gasoline has to also take down to fill rice Yi!Send telegram again to Pa Na first section commander in chief, request can man commander in chief of 2 group soldiers match with to take the offensive to fill rice Yi.Orderany rest troops right on the spot defense, next time before snowing get not after withdraw half to tread!End, let riding of clear lieutenant general in the leaf the soldier all act as a conveyance brigade, must send to a replenishment up quickly."
Posted 24 Dec 2019

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