Best VPNs for UAE and Dubai & the legal position on VPN use

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If you already live in the UAE you probably know how popular VPNs are as a means to access blocked websites and apps, including Skype and
WhatsApp, or to connect to US Netflix and other streaming VPN

Here, we take a look at the best VPNs for Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. We will run through some common concerns about using a VPN in the
United Arab Emirates and try to clear up some misconceptions about legal
issues with VPN use.

Over the last 12 months many VPNs have been blocked in the UAE, this article is regularly updated to show working VPNs. From time-to-time
VPNs on this list are temporarily blocked.

Travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai is increasingly common. If you do happen to find yourself there for business or for
pleasure, you may experience a bit of frustration accessing a fair
number of websites. VoIP services like Skype and WhatsApp are blocked,
as well as gambling sites like Betfair and several Wikipedia pages. The
country’s Telecom Regulatory Authority imposes strict internet
censorship across the board. Somewhat surprisingly, the TRA is very
transparent regarding what sites are blocked and why.

How we selected the best VPNs for the UAE

We identified a specific set of criteria to form our recommendations for the best VPNs for Dubai and the rest of the UAE. In particular,
those currently in the UAE should use VPNs that allow them to securely
access a large number of blocked websites and VoIP services without
worrying about data leaks that reveal what websites or services they’re
accessing.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we
suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Posted 06 Jan 2020

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