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The bushy beard sneers at a way:"You China the person is indeed as expected deceitful, incredibly can reverse right and wrong black and white, say oneself so innocent.I but hear because your eldest brother willow to the Yan fly to squeeze excessively, attempt to buy Yan to fly to be worth of the company of USD 10,000,000,000 at least with USD 3,500,000,000.Not only the list is such, he still flies irony and mockery to that Yan, this just makes the Yan fly an attitude to change greatly, have the fish give up hope, so just at fierce save a person.The biggest a source is still of this affair is on yourselves, is that you broke the whole plan, so you have to be responsible for this affair."
    Yang Wan Lin's eye pupil turns and says:"This affair isn't that our family are wrong again, you why does pursue our[one] responsibility?"
    The bushy beard is cold to hum a , a loudly point, the stone door opens, two black bubble warriors walked to come in and threw a person trailing in Yang Wan Lin's in front.Once Yang Wan Lin see, discovering this person is together exactly a rice country green mountain capital Berlin.Just at this time together Berlin is pathetic and matchless, all wound all over, the eye pupil son is dug out, the tongue is mown, descend a body be cut off, the hand and foot Jin is picked to break, have already canned not move, looking the distance death already not far.
    Looking at together the miserable sight of Berlin, Yang Wan Lin shivers for the Se Se.He originally is talk kind argue of Tu, but he faces at ordinary times of is all business opponent, or the root was to take advantage of power to bully people, the Nian of real strenght carrying on to the other people presses.So even if he the Ling tooth Li Chi, the other people also have no way to him.Meet the old ancestor of kb member now as a result, immediately think of oneself now on the other people's site, Plantation shutters a carelessly will with ground of together similar situation in Berlin, this just felt deeply fear to an idea.
    The bushy beard is satisfied with the current performance of Yang Wan Lin very much and says:"Yang Wan Lin, at the beginning the willow of your Yang Jia and the person of the green Chinese fir capital finds out us on his/her own initiative and says to carry on 1 to cooperate with us.You provide intelligence report, we kidnap blackmail money, each take when the time comes need.Is original if this affair complete smoothly, we Sa Xin Pai is an organization that speaks a trustworthiness, can't seek you to bother, either, can't bite at you not to put.But your intelligence report is false, plus you too greed, make this affair out of control, bring us huge great damage.So this affair you have to give us an explaination, otherwise you will personally witness we why in history so the He He is well-known."
    Yang Wan Lin has already been thoroughly been frightened to death, he stammerly says:"Do not know expensive teach to need what explaination?"
    The bushy beard says:"We find out the representative of this green Chinese fir capital together Sir in Berlin of time, he answers back hard, refuse not to undertake the responsibility that should undertake, so we punished him with our own way.Even if he died, we would also find out the board of directors member of green Chinese fir capital and let them paid, they should pay the price of .Here in the world, returning no one can give offense to us Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties after return ability peace, even if is a rice the people don't go as well.We of so is polite of invite you come here to carry on negotiating, don't kidnap you come back, be because I know that your eldest brother willow is a person who understands the changes of the times, he definitely understands the truth that I say, would like to compensate our loss."
    Yang Wan Lin meticulously says:"Do not know expensive teach to need what kind of indemnification?"
    The bushy beard says:"I know that you before want to deal with that Yan flies, so was dark in the underground world USD 100,000,000 buy the life that the Yan flies.Just that hanging to appreciate a task isn't what you release with your eldest brother, but what your that nephew, Yang Song, releases, for of was a Yan to fly to ever and in public once humiliate him.You are also be subjected to is loose of remind, just thought of to make use of us to reach you swallow the purpose that the Yan flies company.Now that we this of kidnap object is USD 3,000,000,000, so your Yang Jia compensates our USD 3,000,000,000 cash!" wooden shutters blinds
Posted 07 Jan 2020

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