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Games and I don't play. Perhaps I've grown out of these, however I love sports and daydream about the days of the fun sports games from when I was a child (almost 28 now). Call it nostalgia punking me with fake bliss of the past, if there were gambling titles in each game but I loved it. Madden 17 was the initial Madden I skipped. 18 was bought by me when it was discounted since it felt so empty, but I touched it. I tried playing MUT. Didn't waste a cent but ah,y'know how opportunity costs go. I guess I could have been squandering the time doing something different.

It feels like the year to year differences are minimal and far & few between. I know people like to say NFL 2K5 was not as good as the'collective' nostalgia is making it out to be, but I LOVED the depth in that match. The presentation was amazing and every game felt submersive. Is a game that is over 15 years old featuring aspects that outclass an current game? Drives me batshit, as someone who just needs to see Madden do. But year in, year out although the majority of folks will continue to purchase it at full price, and I am not talking shit. I know the hunger for a sports game that is brand new, but the way things change is when people vote with their wallet. Of course, it does not seem that will ever happen. EA rakes in the cash from MUT.

People can do whatever they want with their disposable income, certainly, but it stinks for the rest of us who simply need a preeminent football game to play, once the lackluster Madden series is the only person to look forward to vs. the days of the past when multiple choices existed. I'm sure I will cop it for $10-$20 in December/January. The winter months are typically the only time I'm into gaming where I'm inside more frequently than not, but I would plop down $60 on launch day if Madden was really living up to the potential many of us dream of it having. It's depressing that the bowl is being touted as a future that is prominent. Fucking why? It's something that individuals would play once or twice before moving on out of the novelty of it.

Posted 08 Jan 2020

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