What makes Messi, Messi? What is it about Messi that makes him the player that he is?

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What makes Messi, Messi? What is it about Messi that makes him the player that he is?
Posted 20 Feb 2020

The strongest physical attribute Messi has is his incredible ability to increase or decrease the pace/accelaration (mind you this isn't sprinting) at his will and yet have ball stuck onto his foot. His change of direction in a split second and taking off with an incredible accelaration (again this isn't sprinting). Dropping his shoulders to left and turning right when defender already concluded that Messi turned to left. These are just few things that he does with his body and keeps ball rolling. I am not sure if these came natural to him and later he improvised using his intelligence or he learned those traits by training or practicing every day.
His down to earth attitude and being a team player first.
His ability to read the game is phenomenal. His ability to understand his role in the team depending on the tactics employed is unbelievable.
He is the only one who can play false 9 to the perfection on both sides of the ball. And hence Pep started building his team around Messi though he was only 20 at that time by completely redefining what and how to utilize a false 9.
Posted 22 Feb 2020

freestown7 says
Messi is a real star and there can not be any other opinions. Lionel Messi is surely from some other planet! Have you seen him playing? He is a magician! I have watched all his matches and bet through https://ghana-1xbet.in.net/  too. So, I can definitely say he is the best sportsman ever
Posted 22 Feb 2020

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