do you think sports affect your health?

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do you think sports affect your health?
Posted 26 Feb 2020

harveyfox says
I believe that a person cannot be absolutely healthy if there is no sport in his life! This is my personal opinion!
Posted 26 Feb 2020

I believe that sport greatly affects our health. both physical and spiritual. This is my opinion, maybe someone thinks otherwise. But when I started playing sports, to understand how everything is arranged in it. How to do it so as not to harm myself, I felt much better. Now I want to become a coach in the Philippines, read literature, sports news. I'm getting better every day.
Posted 26 Feb 2020

doctorbin2 says
Of course it does, I'm sure that sport has a lot of health benefits. I noticed this on myself.
Before doing sports, I did a full examination of my body and the results were bad.
Therefore, I actively began to practice sport, enrolled in athletics, went to the gym.
Hired a personal trainer for himself. And after a while I decided to do a new full body test.
Even the doctor was shocked by the result. My health has become excellent.
Now I force everyone to do sports. Like this. Therefore, do not even doubt it, I assure you.
Posted 28 Feb 2020

Kabazzi says
There might be studies using bioactive molecules isolated from soursop fruit that have some effect on HIV-infected cells, but that often requires an abnormally high concentration of said bioactive molecules and/or involves experiments on cells grown in a dish i.e. cancer-derived cells that do not behave like normal human cells
Posted 30 Mar 2020

Sport is the best way to strengthen your body, temper your spirit and character. Only in sports do you know yourself.
Posted 04 Apr 2020

It helps you maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes,...
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Posted 13 Apr 2020

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