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Our focus now shifts from pre-flop to post-flop, and into the ever-common world of continuation betting. A continuation bet (c-bet), in days past, used to mean something along the lines of: “A continued show of strength by the pre-flop raiser, representing that he has hit the flop keno w88 .”
These days, such a definition is a little primitive, not to mention presumptuous about the c-bettors motive. We now understand that players c-bet the flop on many occasions regardless of whether they have connected in a large way and that their opponents are aware of this fact. Therefore, since our Villain usually understands that we do not have to have a strong hand to make a c-bet in the majority of situations, it is somewhat patronizing to assume that we are representing anything, or telling any kind of story of strength that our opponent is incentivized to believe. Let us define a c-bet in a more modern and precise way:

“A bet made on the flop by the pre-flop aggressor.”
With that out of the way, when should we choose to make a c-bet poker online w88 ?
Mastering such a common spot is not such a question of whether to c-bet a hand in one situation, but more a question of which hands we should c-bet in that situation. In other words, planning how to play our range on a flop in a strategically sound way prepares us for any c-bet opportunity and not just the one that happened to arise today due to our exact hole cards.
Unselective C-Betting
The simplest and often most effective strategy on the flop as the pre-flop raiser can be to c-bet regardless of hand strength and effectively bet every hand in your pre-flop opening range. This is known as unselective c-betting, or more fashionably, range-betting. Before we plough ahead and bet indiscriminately, there exists a set of very strict guidelines as to when such a haphazard c-bet strategy is acceptable. If these guidelines are not met, this approach will entail making a lot of bets that are considerably lower EV than checking would be. We can c-bet unselectively (bet whatever hands we want) when all of the following apply.
The flop is dry: This means that it does not allow the pre-flop caller many ways of catching up to the pre-flop raiser’s stronger range. Examples of such flops in a typical BU vs. BB scenario would be A64r and 822r. On these flop textures and similar ones, BU remains very far ahead and benefits from a positional advantage to boot. Without specific reads on opponent type, always betting is a solid strategy, which makes life difficult for the pre-flop caller and leverages a range vs. range advantage.
The pot is heads-up: If we go multi-way to the flop, the idea of betting regardless of our hand strength starts to cost us money. On AK3r (‘r’ stands for rainbow and indicates that there are three different suits) BU vs. BB, in a heads-up pot, we can get away with always betting due to our much higher concentration of strong hands. Betting K6s here makes us money because Villain has to both fold very often and call us with some worse hands such as pocket pairs, gutshots, and 3x. The problem multi-way is that there is an Ace out against us far more often and each opponent can play much tighter. The team of both opponents can defend often enough to our bet without having to call a speculative hand like 77 or 43. Our bet becomes a worse idea than checking due to the extra player in the pot. This is not just true of mediocre hands like Kx, but also hopeless air such as 98o, which will now prefer to get some information before firing a bet into two opponents. We generally need a checking range of some description in multi-way pots  .
We are in position: With a few exceptions, it is largely sensible to only c-bet unselectively when we wield the sledgehammer of position, limiting our opponent’s options for defending profitably. Betting unselectively when out of position is dangerous and should be avoided unless our range is massively stronger than our opponent’s.
Unselective Sizing
If we are intent on betting middle pair, bottom pair, worthless air, and everything in between, it is prudent to use a size that does not cost too much the times we run into a better hand. When we c-bet unselectively, we are very often betting a hand for very thin value or perhaps we are just denying our opponent free cards. Either way, the bulk of our range will lose EV should we size too large and the unselective strategy will quickly become a bad idea .
Posted 04 Mar 2020

Georg says
Never loved poker. It's a terrible marlget and a long game. When you play it, you feel not gambling, but only boredom.
Posted 20 Mar 2020

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