Game of vote: Rules and basic play for newbies

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Fish and shrimp election is a popular folk game in Vietnam. This is a game that can be played with a lot of people and is suitable for family or friends. Today, crab election is made into an online version and is very popular by the gamer community. If you do not know about the election game, follow the following article for more information on rules and how to play keno w88 .
Introducing the crab election game
Although it is a folk game and a long history in Vietnam, but the actual crab election has its origin in China. The popular crab game is popular in our country and is often played on big holidays like Lunar New Year. The game has a random play, similar to the Western Roulette.

The tools for playing this game include: A large piece of paper, a large table or anything that can be drawn on it 6 circles symbolizing 6 mascots + Bowl + 3 dice with pictures of spirits field. The mascots represented in the game: deer, gourd, chicken, fish, crab, shrimp poker online w88 .
The game is very simple, anyone can join this game. Currently, this folk game has been made into a very convenient online game to play anywhere.
Rules and how to play crab games
Game elected crab has a very simple way to play. The game is divided into many turns and does not limit the number and number of players. At the beginning of the turn, three dice are shaken by the dealer (the organizer, manager, and operator of the game) and their results are kept private. Players place money on one or more mascots that they want, can put multiple mascots in a round and unlimited deposit.
pregnant game
Rules and how to play crab games
When the deposit is finished, the dealer opens, announcing the dice result w88 line .
If the three dice come up with the mascot that the player has bet on, they will take back the bet and the house must pay the same amount of times that the mascot appears multiplied by the bet amount.
Example: If a player places a bet of 1,000 VND on a bet and a fish is paid 1,000, out of two fish is paid 2,000, out of three fish is paid 3,000, and gets back the amount he has bet)....
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