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Pfizer VIAGRA®-100mg tablets on in Pakistan All Cities. 
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Viagra is a tablet of the Sildenafil Company. Used in the treatment of Epilepsy or sometimes heart 
diseases in men. The most famous of them was Pfizer Viagra.  A recent survey found that two out 
of three men have epilepsy problems.  It increases the blood flow to the body and takes effect in 
just 30 minutes. It is not a cure foe Ed though.  However , The Viagra Strengthens the psyche of men. 
which can help to lead a normal and prosperous sex life. The reason may be physical or psychological.  
The disease is most common in men 30 years of age or older. It is even found in young men.
Viagra Tablets 100-mg side effects?
Occasionally, The pill of Viagra other drugs may cause harmful effects on some people.  These effects 
include nausea, indigestion and headaches and dizziness in the eyes. In addition, any serious side effect, 
including allergic or skin disease, may be encountered. If this is the case, do not use this pill and call 
your doctor at the nearest hospital immediately.
How to take the Viagra Tablet :
The how to use Viagra tablet will tell you what your help provider. If you are in the mood to 
have sex with your partner then sex will be very satisfying. More than 70% of men and women in 
Pakistan are satisfied with the result of Viagra tablets.  Use this pill at least one hour before 
sexual activity and last for 4 hours. Eat minimally when using Viagra tablet. Viagra pill Use with a  
glass of simple water or with milk.
Benefits of Original Viagra Pills:
Increase Sexual Stamina.
Greatly increase the timing.
Help achieve and maintain Erections.
Strengthen and harden the Pines.
There will be no prescription or drug addiction.
Use one tablet once a day.
Viagra Tablet 100-Mg side effects :
Viagra tablet ingredients are herbal and natural and it has no side effect. So keep in mind that before 
using Viagra, you should always consult a doctor or provider.Viagra tablet is available in 
different quantity tablets of 25-mg, 50-mg, and 100-mg in Pakistan.
Viagra Tablets 100-mg price : 2000/-

Posted 31 Mar 2020

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Posted 26 Apr 2020

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