How do I learn Pubg as I am a beginner?

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How do I learn Pubg as I am a beginner?
Posted 03 Apr 2020

freestown7 says
Play a lot in training modePlay in arcade mode like Sniper rifle, Quick match, Mini mode. This will help you to train in different modes using different guns.Learn to control recoil using various gripsCustomize your own set of controls.
Posted 05 Apr 2020

Have you considered any PUBG LFG coaching already? It is pretty cool and easy. You can play with  PROs on Survivor mode or ask them to play at lower ranks. The rules of the game allow you to create and develop additional game accounts, so PRO's can play with you from their alternative low-rated accounts. I`ve been tested such a great service and should say it works pretty well for me. Simply give them a try
Posted 05 Apr 2020

A lot to amateur's manual for PUBG concentrated on cautious play and strategies for making due as long as could reasonably be expected. Visit this for more,
Posted 21 May 2020

rterry77 says
PUBG is very trending and popular game around the world, you can play with your local squad and learn about it, there is also available training center you can practice there.
i also find a site where you can complete some easy task and get free xbox gift card.
Posted 24 May 2020

Mendz0923 says
Have you tried this website --> ?Free Games
They have the best games, including PUBG. 
Posted 26 May 2020

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