Six principles to be followed when selecting the site of sand production line

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The sand production line is mainly aimed at the crushing sand production line of limestone and other stone materials. The main equipment includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine and belt conveyor, etc. At that time, we must consider how to choose the address of the production line. Here, Henan Red Star Machinery introduces you to the six principles that should be followed when selecting the location of the sand production line.
1. The principle of proximity to the raw material site
The raw materials of the sand production line are generally large-scale stone materials. If the site is far from the raw material site, it will cause an increase in transportation costs. Therefore, the principle of raw material-oriented location selection should be followed.
2. The principle of proximity to convenient transportation areas
The material transportation of the sand production line belongs to heavy transportation. In order to sell the products well, as the saying goes, if you want to build roads first, the convenience of transportation also plays a big role.
3. Follow the principles of modern venues
Because the operation of the production line, as a modern large-scale machine, must be inseparable from the strong support of electricity, so the user must also consider whether the electrical load can be met when selecting the site, which will also save the user a lot of equipment during the operation of the equipment Material and manpower.
4. Follow environmental protection and quality principles
In the process of site selection for production lines, consideration should be given to environmental protection factors such as vegetation protection and wastewater treatment, which should be paid attention to in the later or early stages, and the production line should be strictly controlled in terms of quality to ensure the output of qualified standards.
5. Follow the principle of reliability
When locating various equipment in the production line, it should be ensured that each production link can meet the continuous high-strength needs of sand and gravel materials, and the production line should be kept in a reasonable and orderly operation.
6. Follow security principles
Safety is greater than the sky. Although it is written last, it is the most important site selection requirement. It is necessary to estimate the possibility of geological disasters such as landslides and faults and choose a place for safe production.
In general, in addition to considering these factors, users should also combine their actual production requirements, plus their own budget plans, etc., to carry out reasonable site selection, so as to facilitate the reasonable and orderly production operation of the sand production line .
Posted 10 Apr 2020

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