Zoom Meetings: How to Host & Join on iPhone

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Zoom has gained much popularity among the users working from for the last couple of months due to the current health emergency. The video conferencing app allows the users to set up, host, and join video calls and chats for remote work, social events, and meetings. Now, Zoom has made its video conferences much easy for the countless people who are working from working amid the ongoing health emergency. Multiple people across the globe are relying on this particular video conferencing app for arranging the remote meetings as the app is mainly focused on serving the needs of the business enterprises and institutions.  The video conferencing app is capable of adding at least 100 participants at the time for 40 minutes and even on the free subscription plan. Many colleges, universities, research institutions, and schools have been shut down all across the world due to health emergencies, which has forced them all to begin online classes through the Zoom video conferencing app.
So, if you are also depended on Zoom video conferencing app for your work relate meetings and don’t know the procedure to host or join a meeting through Zoom video conferencing app from your iPad or iPhone devices, then you can follow the below-given instructions:-
The steps are, however, straightforward, but before that, you should install the zoom video conferencing app available on the store of Apple application. Now, you can follow the below-given instructions:-
  • The users need to go to the Zoom video conferencing app then open it.
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  • After then, you will need to select “Sign up” if you don’t have an account on Zoom. However, being the user, you don’t need to have the account while joining the meeting through the Zoom video conferencing app.
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  • Further, the users will need to fill their user id and then click on Sign up appearing on the right corner of the screen.
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  • After receiving an email verification message for processing the activation of your account on the Zoom app, you need to tap on Activate Account and then create your account by entering your password.
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  • Once you activate your account, then you will get several options for hosting, joining, and scheduling meetings through Zoom on your iPad or iPhone devices.
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  • Also, the users will be able to see the option of screen share with other participants, and by selecting and clicking on New Meeting, you can host a remote meeting.
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  • The users will need to make sure to enable the option “Use Personal Meeting ID” and then click on Start a Meeting.
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  • Now, the users can launch the camera of their iPad or iPhone and start the meeting on the Zoom app. Also, they will get several other options, such as sharing the content or seeing the participants.
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  • You can exit the video conference Zoom meeting by tapping on the End button.
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  • Again, you can tap on the option of “Join” by going to the main menu if you wish to attend a remote through the Zoom app.
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  • The users who wanted to join the meeting will be provided a Meeting ID by the host of the meeting. By tapping on Join and entering the Meeting ID, you can join the meeting.
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Zoom is gaining popularity everywhere in schools, colleges, universities, companies, institutions, medical offices, etc. as all are resorting to online classrooms, teachings, meetings and presentations due to the current health emergency. Zoom offers several plans to make the video conferencing more smooth and useful, which includes free and paid subscription plans. You can avail linger durations for your meetings by paying for the programs.
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Source: https://haroffice.com/zoom-meetings-how-to-host-join-on-iphone/

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