Criminal gang kept defrauding madly in the name of 'Binomo'

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Facebook has become the King of social media with nearly 1.5 billion daily active users (the average time per user is 35mins per day). Since
entered the US forex market, WikiFX has been keeping an eye on the
illegal broker who releases false advertisement on Facebook. Recently, a
member, named Binomo Trader, was found publishing false advertisements
of high-yield in a Facebook group, called Forex Trader USA with 177k+
followers.To get more news about Binomo forex, you can visit shine news official website.
WikiFXhasexposed Binomomany times onofficial website.
Binomo is an illegal broker without any regulatory status , running binary options and BTC business. The score of Binomo on WikiFX
App is only 1.22 out of 10. From their official website, it can be seen
that there is no pop-up customer service window or official phone
number, except for an email address ( Thus, Binomo
doesn‘t have a practical customer service system to reply and deal with
investors’ trading problems. It will be difficult for the novices to
understand the specific operation process of Binomo. The most important
thing is that a brokers brand can be imitated easily by scammers.

So investorsarealways the biggest victims. Who is the biggest beneficiary?
The biggest beneficiaries are the scammers, who commit fraud by pretending Binomos brand. In particular, there are a large number of
groups named Binomo or Binomo investment in Facebook. But who are they,
where are they from, and what relationship do they have with the Binomo?

WikiFX kept receiving Nigerian scam cases from social platforms, and the fraud amount nearly reached 1,300 USD. This is a huge lost for
Nigerian as their average monthly income is only 100USD. The following
are some scam cases WikiFX collected, which aim to warn the U. S. forex
investors not to trust Binomo's investment advertisements on social
media, and please stay away from the unregulated broker.

Two scammers, named mrs_bukola_binomo_investment and Mr Tobi binomo at Instagram, defrauded an investor of 804USD. They promised the
investor that no matter how much money he invests, they can return
triple amount to him. Finally, the investor invested a total of 804USD.

In a Facebook page, named Binomo with 336 followers, an agent also promised that investor could obtain triple profits. But the investor
found that he was continuously persuaded by the agent to deposit more
and couldnt withdraw money.

A group is named Binomo Word Trade with 112 followers from Facebook. Two investors with no investment experience transferred 270USD
to this agent without thinking, he expected a return of 286USD soon,
but finally they was blocked by the agent at the end.

From a Facebook group, named “Binomo Online investment”, it can be seen that a agent promised that the investor can get 2X his investment.
The same result is that after 272USD was transferred, there was neither
interest nor principal returned to the investor.

The last one case was from WhatsApp, involved a group, named “Binomo Trade Investment.”
There will always be an invitation link in the group, by which group members can deposit money for investment. While they can upgrade
their investment packages by adding more money. An investor was deceived
of 41USD in the group and was blocked finally.

Scammers often defraud investors who have a weak awareness of forex risk under the disguise of forex broker. Those so-called “Binomo
brokers” have defrauded a considerable number of forex investors in
Nigeria. Therefore, WikiFX advises the U.S. forex investors to stay away
from the Binomo, and beware of the attractive high-yield investment
advertisements on social platforms.

The article evidence exposed by WikiFX is verified by the following processes:
1: Evidence Collection: (Chatting history records, Trading history records, Banking Transaction records and recording videos from victim).

2: These evidences will be evaluated and verified by expert who has been work in forex industry for many years.
3: The editor will review it again before the article is published.
If you find there are still exist errors in article, we will improve them as soon as possible, and strive to provide consumers with a
good and reliable exposure platform. Thank you for your feedback.

Posted 14 Apr 2020

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