In the era of these attempts

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"Video 19 has changed our lives and also changed our needs and priorities. One of the best-selling products today is the N95 mask. Everyone wants to buy it. The hawkers will increase the price of these masks like stocks. These masks will be made by Used by medical staff who deal directly with infected patients. This does not apply to people who go to the grocery store every two days.

Many people bought 100 masks and then hoarded them for no reason. Is wise. Inventory is just what is needed. Dr. Peter Tsai, the inventor of the filter material for N95 masks, said that N95 masks are made of polypropylene material and are designed to fit your face closely, with almost no air leakage at the edges of the mask. For reference only, this mask can be reused.

Mask multiplexing method # 1

When reusing the N95 mask, place the used respirator in dry air for 3-4 days to dry. The polypropylene in the N95 mask is hydrophobic and does not contain any moisture. COVID-19 needs a host to survive. It can survive on metal surfaces for 48 hours, on plastic surfaces for 72 hours, and on cardboard for 24 hours. When the respirator dries within 3-4 days, the virus will not survive.

Take four N95 masks and number them (No. 1-4).

On the first day, use mask # 1 and let it dry for 3-4 days.

Apply mask # 2 on the second day, then dry for 3-4 days.

The third and fourth days are the same ...

Mask multiplexing method # 2

You can also hang the N95 mask in an oven at 70 degrees Celsius (158F) (without metal contact) for 30 minutes to sterilize-it is reported that covid19 cannot survive for 30 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius (149F).

Use wooden clips to hang the respirator in the kitchen oven for disinfection.

When disinfecting N95 masks, care should be taken to use UV rays-keep N95 masks away from UV rays / sunlight. The N95 mask degrades under ultraviolet light because it destroys the static charge in the polypropylene material. It is unclear how long this mask will be exposed to ultraviolet light before it fails.

Tips for reusing method # 1 and method # 2

Do not place the respirator on a metal surface, or too close to the metal surface-the temperature of the metal surface is higher than the air temperature.

Keep the N95 mask away from UV / sunlight.

When removing the mask, grasp the edge of the belt and remove the N95 mask. Your hands may be contaminated at this point-do not touch the inside of the respirator. Then wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

You don't need 100 masks. You can have 4 and follow the instructions to reuse them. Now saving resources is a major requirement. Understand the same reason, be the best yourself!

In the era of these attempts, the Freedom Mask is a N95 mask that resists pollution, viruses, and microbial premiums. It protects you from infections, allergens, and advanced PM2.5 air filter bacteria. It can completely cover your mouth and nose, providing you with a good seal that is not found in conventional surgical masks. It is completely clean and recyclable. It is suitable for those who live in polluted cities, those who do not like dust, those who stay in places that have actually been affected by the pandemic, or those who only want to protect themselves from all microorganisms

maskales will help reduce the risk of being infected during these dangerous outbreaks. This is a hygiene precaution that will completely cover your mouth and nose. Wearing this mask, you will not only protect yourself, but also protect others! More and more people are using free masks to reduce the chance of breathing of various airborne infections. Don't wait until you start experiencing these symptoms-there is no time to waste! Prevention is 100 times better than cure!

Posted 22 Apr 2020

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