Solution to oil leakage failure of brick machine

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?qt12-15 cement brick making machine in stock rotary shaft oil leakage:
The rotary shaft includes the clutch lever shaft of the gear lever shaft of the starter and the decompression shaft of the engine. In case of oil leakage, the gear lever shaft and clutch handle shaft of the starter can be cut out of the sealing ring groove on the lathe, and the sealing limbs of the corresponding size can be installed. If the pressure-reducing shaft rubber ring fails due to aging, a new rubber ring should be replaced.
qt10-15 brick moulding machine switch oil leakage:
If the ball valve is worn or corroded, the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole should be removed, and a suitable steel ball should be selected. If the seal packing and tightening thread are damaged, the fasteners and seal packing should be repaired or replaced. If the joint surface of the cone is not tight, it can be ground with fine valve sand and engine oil.
brick making machine pipe joint oil leakage:
If the high-pressure fuel pipe joint is worn or deformed or cracked, it can be sawed off and replaced with a good joint for welding. If the low-pressure oil pipe joint is damaged, the bell mouth can be sawed off and the bell mouth can be remade. If the thread is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced with a new one. Hollow bolt pipe joints include coarse and fine fuel filters and low-pressure fuel pipe joints of fuel injection pumps. If the gasket is damaged or the assembly is uneven, it can be replaced with plastic gaskets,s or smoothed with assorted foils. It can also be smoothed with sandpaper. Seriously, it can be milled with a milling machine. If there are pull marks on the assembly surface of the pipe joint, use fine sandpaper or whetstone to smooth the joint assembly surface and gasket. If there are impurities on the mating surface, the body should be cleaned during assembly, and the joint fixing bolts should be tightened evenly.
low price qt10-15 brick moulding machine plug oil plug oil leakage:
The oil leakage part of the plug oil plug includes a conical plug, a flat plug and a process plug. If the screw of the oil plug is damaged or unqualified, it should be replaced with a new one; if the screw is damaged, the size of the screw hole can be increased Oil plug. If the tapered plug is worn, it can be changed to a flat plug after tapping with a tap, and then used for cushioning.
brick making machine plane joint oil leakage:
If the contact surface is uneven or there are groove marks or burrs on the contact surface, it should be smoothed with assorted files, fine sandpaper or whetstone according to the unevenness of the contact surface. In addition, the assembled gasket must be qualified, and at the same time, it must be cleaned and put down. If the bolts are loose, tighten the fixing bolts.

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