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The Yan flies eye in peep out a self-confident look in the eyes, say:"Ping Ping, we are doing now of, will be an earthquake thou Shuo now great process, once we really this fog the concealed island constuct completion, so the we as carriers will definitely become mankind historical and great legend, be subjected to admiration of the hundred million younger generation."
    Six Ping pings are also a bit red-blooded, say:"Teddy boy, on this affair, I support you with all strength, you go to it without hesitation!I will definitely develop the company strong, earning more profitses and provide material foundation for our businesses."
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   The Yan flies and six Ping pings carry on secretly talk, after reaching a consistent opinion, the development direction of dreamlike science and technology started silently a change.Dreamlike science and technology is negotiating with Gu Su's land with evil all be stopped, in addition to science and technology mansion, other of also all stop the construction concerning infrastructure.Is evil all and Gu Su's representative director didn't know to take place what mishap, also think that dreamlike science and technology wants local other cities to develop and also sends a person to come to sound out intelligence report respectively, however don't fly from the Yan and get any useful information in six mouths of Ping Ping.
    Dreamlike science and technology in China local infrastructure the construction be stopped, in the outsider eyes, have no idea dreamlike science and technology next move development's planning is exactly what.However as long as Yan flies to explain with six Ping pings not and outward, know for no one they make again what ghost.At secretly, dreamlike science and technology silently established more than ten shell corporations and made use of these shell corporations to carry on a big purchase of material in the national scope.
    This time huge supplies amount of big purchase, well-found category, in China local history up all be rated as unprecedented in history.The funds that this big purchase expends are also very huge, if isn't an underneath dreamlike science and technology product to make money very much, perhaps only this purchase can make dreamlike science and technology directly bankrupt.
    Moreover and on the other hand, at face a development area that closes to the seaside of province in, the Yan flew to silently lease a huge logistics warehouse, then delivered all of all supplieses of purchases to this warehouse in carry on a preservation.Only the preservation personnel of this warehouse Yan flies a person, all supplieses are all flown a person by Yan to be responsible for from the passing in and out of warehouse.So the Yan flies, besides which, , no one knew this inside in the logistics warehouse to exactly pass in and out how much supplies.But Yan's flying have already changed Huan own looks, no one thoughts of that an old man that watches a warehouse incredibly is a Yan in local winds and clouds of Chi Cha to fly.
    Is the first be delivered to this inside in the logistics warehouse, is mainly the limestone of purchase in the region in the neighborhood and glue soil and gypsum.The Yan flies of so want to buy these things, is because these things are the important original materials that creates cement.But Gao Biao Hao's cement is exactly the important prop that the Yan flies on fog in the concealed island to build breakwater.
    Have been already set up on the fog concealed island although good Huang Sha Ti's dam highly comes to a 5 meters, the width comes to a 10 meters, total come to say but a bit weak.Once meeting wild stage manners and billow to assault, this Huang Sha Ti's dam completely arrives to can not hold up against and divide minute will overflow.As long as sea water along the place overflowing flows out into an inside, new land meeting moment instauration sea status in Chengkong University, let the Yan flies of the whole hard and all waste.
    So for protecting own labor achievement, the Yan flies to carry on reinforcing a processing to this Huang Sha Ti's dam.But want to carry on reinforcing a processing to this dike dam, the Yan flies and then has to build a waves breakwater of fastness on the Huang Sha Ti's dam and makes use of this breakwater to weaken stage manners and billow's impact for Huang Sha Ti's dam and promise inside the safety of the new land.  Medical Protective Suit
Posted 27 May 2020

woodman66 says
The Yan flies to continuously weigh a benefits gain and loss relation in the heart, foolish a burst of after, he suddenly says with smile:"Since have been already exposed, so again how cover up all useless.If true someone wants to deal with me, so letting should come all come!Just so-called soldier's coming to will block, water come to soil Yan and meet in a narrow path the brave to win.I be not what soft persimmon, want to come to take advantage of of make the tooth for a while is enough not enough hard by himself/herself."
Have been wanting to get more development time before Yan flies, so performance some fear a head to fear feet.But is discovering concealed island of fog hasing been already exposeding, right away meet to oppose at the time that person threatenned, his mindset changed to come over a while, before abandonning of suffer from suffer from losing, become a war idea full of life.
The Yan flies to have the unmanned machine to get stripe behind to divide time, this makes him own super strong fighting strength.On this ocean, even if is hard just, he can't feared the sea aired force's troops of whichever nation, either.But once the Yan flies to make use of unmanned machine to carry on a guerrilla war, so with lend the unmanned machine super strong concealed body ability and super big bombload, Yan's flying will definitely let provoke his influence and nation to pay the price that can not bear on one's own initiative.The construction achievement of fog concealed island once being ruined, so ruin nation and influence of fog concealed island also can't good lead, they will fly in the Yan of exasperation under swallow a consequence.
Yan's flying to compute will take place till future what affair, but he can't definitely give up the freedom in nowadays for the sake of the future stability.This is also the reason that he didn't request a China help, after all invite absolute being and send divine literary reference him to still know.So he is simply to greatly do a , thoroughly display the real strenght of fog concealed island.Want Yao to carry out the long-last peace of fog concealed island, want Yao very poor, from the beginning again.
Visiting bateau knows that the Yan flies the circumstances that faces now, knowing the concealed island of fog is very dangerous, her original viewpoint is the help that persuades Yan to fly to accept a China parties, gets through this difficult situation first.Who know that the brain back track flying Yan is different from what she imagined, the Yan flies suddenly be like beat chicken blood, challenge those nation and influences that want to beat fog concealed island idea.
Visiting the momentary of bateau has never responded to come over, so the words that fly to the Yan are some to don't understand, however she responds to come over right away and asks a way:"Mr. Yan , do you intend to release to hang to appreciate task to get through this difficult situation on the dark net?"
While flying to before meet a great hard nut to crack, Yan the meeting incarnation"fly Ping" release to hang to appreciate a task on the dark net.These tasks are each all remarkable, those hang to appreciate a hunter to basically have no real strenght to connect bottom.Arrived an end, these tasks were all demolished to connect bottom, then demolish will make a show of appear lost in thought ghost unfathomable real strenght, solve Yan to fly the hard nut to crack for facing.
Demolishing is soon a new hand that appears in the dark net network, he connects next task amounts few, but each all astounding.But these task in, all of big parts BE"flying Ping" releases, but everyone know that"flying Ping" is in fact corset that Yan flies, so the influences including China are exactly all guessing Yan to fly and demolish an of is what relate to.
In the survey of China in, the Yan flies from the not known to public and arrives suddenly rising, the whole process has legend very much.First, the Yan flies of the real strenght promote very uncanny, just short half year, he stands at the other people can not reach either during a lifetime of in the high peak, can second the super superior who kill an inborn highest point.And want to attain state like this, even if the natural endowments native endowments pluses teacher instruction and also wants to cost a decade above time.But the Yan just start Xi after flying become adult force, half year empress come to an absolute being ghost unfathomable state, can say the imagination extreme limit of outrunning everyone was already.
Posted 03 Jun 2020

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Posted 12 Jul 2020

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