Tips to work from home

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Tips to work from home
Given the ground situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have asked their employees to implement the work-from-home policies. This change can seem very sudden to you, thus here is a list of tips to maintain your mental well-being while working at home: 
1. Build a comfortable workspace: this is the first step to work-from-home, make sure that you designate a proper workspace where you can set up a desk with your laptop and office essentials. Make sure the space that you choose at your place is comfortable enough, where you can work for longer durations. 
2. Make a proper schedule with real working hours: now that you have chosen your comfortable working space, it's time to make a proper schedule with the number of hours you are ready to work. The best part about working from home is that you can choose your working hours and schedule according to your priorities. The flexible schedule will make sure that you can focus on your work and manage your other household-chores as well. 
3. Avoid work creep: this is a great possibility that once you are completely involved in your work, you may not find time for your personal life. Let this not be the case and work only according to the set working hours. This will ensure that you stick to your schedule and you will perform better on the work front. 
4. Identify your productivity period: every individual has different levels of productivity times throughout the day. Some individuals are morning people while the others are night owls. Some find it easier to focus in the afternoon while some prefer evening hours. Make sure you identify the appropriate period to enhance your work productivity. 
5. Use a to-do-list: make a habit of making a to-do-list every day to make sure you complete all the projects before the deadline. By organizing a list of your entire task you can strike them off one by one as soon finish them. Also use a planner or a calendar to mark all the important deadlines, meetings, and appointments. 
6. Don't work in your sweatpants: if you decide to work in your sweatpants then you are killing your productivity and creativity. "Dress for Success" should be your moto. When you are immaculately dressed you are ready to work and attend any video-conferencing and check-in with a colleague. Getting dressed will make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared to work. 
7. Exercise after a few intervals: sitting the whole day glaring at your laptop screen can be frustrating. Use exercise as your rescue tool, since it naturally boosts endorphins to increase happiness level, engagement level, interest level, and productivity level. Exercising will ensure that you have a healthy posture even after working for longer hours. 
8. Eat healthy at regular intervals: working in office spaces has made us habitual of munching snacks and cookies, however, studies have shown that eating healthy, and something like fruits helps to increase your productivity level. Avoid purchasing unhealthy snacks and shift to healthy munchies. You can even purchase the nutrition bars to keep it handy on your desk. 
9. Take breaks and entertain yourself: you can have more number of focused hours only if you manage to take enough rest and have fun sometimes. Studies have shown that taking short breaks can help you to increase your productivity levels. If you are looking to read something entertaining then visit, to read some of the best film reviews so that you can watch it with your loved ones in your free time. Also gather Bollywood news on the website and know what is happening outside work. This will just ensure that you have more productivity levels. 
10. Have the reward system: this is the easiest way to get difficult things done. Tell yourself that once you finish penning down two articles before an hour, you can go for a stroll in the garden for 10 minutes. Go out and feel more relaxed. So that once you come back you are fresh to complete your new task. 
11. Create a vision board: working from home for a longer period can be very boring uninspiring, so create a lovely vision board to pave the way for productivity. 
Posted 28 May 2020

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