How do I install McAFee antivirus on my PC?

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I am using a high costly laptop for my official tasks. I am communicating with my all customers with the help of laptop. My laptop is very advanced and efficient, so I am fully working on my laptop for communication purposes. To protect my laptop and important information, I want to install McAFee antivirus software on my computer system. I don’t have complete technical knowledge to install MacFee antivirus software on my PC. I want to install McAfee antivirus software using I have opened this link in my preferred browser and have entered the code in the displaying box. Now, I am getting stuck to complete next step. So anyone can suggest the easy tips to install McAFee antivirus on my PC.
Posted 02 Jun 2020

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Posted 08 Oct 2020

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Posted 14 Oct 2020

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Posted 20 Oct 2020

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Posted 22 Oct 2020

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Posted 27 Oct 2020

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Posted 28 Oct 2020

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Posted 03 Nov 2020

Posted 08 Nov 2020

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Posted 08 Nov 2020

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Posted 10 Nov 2020

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Posted 13 Nov 2020

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Posted 17 Nov 2020

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Posted 19 Nov 2020

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Posted 24 Nov 2020

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Posted 10 Dec 2020

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Posted 4 weeks ago

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