How do some of you insomniacs handle your situation?

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I’ve always slept pretty good at night except at work when busy. The last few weeks to a month I don’t sleep at work or home. I work 24/48 and now at work I sleep none, which impacts my home life on my first day off. I may sleep 2-3 hours my first night off and same second night, then none at work.

Doctor gave me triazodone and it does nothing for me. I’ll take it at 8-9 pm and may finally fall asleep around 3-4, wake up at 6 to go to work and feel awful. I don’t intake much sugar, no caffeine after mid morning, and pretty active guy. I run some but not big into weight lifting anymore. Early 40s, I do drink 1-2 whiskey drinks around evening but always have. The other night I decided to drink much more and see if that helped. I just ended up watching 80s hairband videos on YouTube all night with my wife, no pics

My question is, anyone ever just had a random bout with insomnia that last awhile? Anything help?

Posted 02 Jun 2020

Scinetic says
I had insomnia in the past. I stopped drinking coffee after 12 pm. Started exercising. All electronic devices are turned off an hour before I want to go to bed. Also I bought weighted blanket and it has improved my sleep pattern a lot. You can check here, there are many positive reviews. It worked for me too.
Posted 03 Jun 2020

Bruno says
Stress and tension, as well as irritation and constant pain, always haunt a person.  Because of this, we suffer from insomnia.  But I found a very good product on the site CBD oil a natural and proven product that will also help you cope with your problems.  You can easily and quickly use this tool and you will not regret it, this CBD oil helps everyone and eliminates problems.
Posted 08 Jun 2020

Not only is insomnia a night-time problem, it also causes significant daytime deficits. Treatment for insomnia may involve nonmedical therapy, such as developing better sleep habits or psychotherapy. Therefore, calm, positive emotions and harmony with yourself - the first stage of solving this problem. And to help the body relax, you can try to take herbal teas or sedatives. A large selection at affordable prices is available at the Canadian Pharmacy.
Posted 04 Oct 2020

Bin20 says
I often lose sleep. I tried to find a way to sleep well but still couldn't. I think it's probably because I use my phone too much find a word
Posted 05 Oct 2020

abarnanivi says
Some people function well and they can work properly. The average time to sleep is 6 to  8 hours.

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Posted 05 Oct 2020

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Posted 08 Oct 2020

Livya says
Insomniacs causes more stress and depression, the only way to sleep too early is to listen peaceful songs before going to bed.

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Posted 22 Oct 2020

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Posted 04 Nov 2020

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