Wales announces modest changes to coronavirus lockdown

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Wales has announced plans to modify the coronavirus lockdown so that from Monday people can exercise more than once a day, garden centres can
reopen, and the government will look at reopening libraries and
recycling centres.To get more news about Lockwood, you can visit wikifx news official website.
Minister Boris Johnson is due to announce the next steps in Britain's
battle to tackle the coronavirus on Sunday following a review by
ministers of the current measures that have kept millions at home for
over six weeks.
“We believe there are some small and modest
adjustments, which we could make to the regulations,” said Mark
Drakeford, who heads the country's devolved government. “These very
small and modest adjustments are things we know that we can do safely
without having an impact” on the reinfection rate.
Average weekly earnings are expected to shrink by 2% this year, reflecting the fall in wages for furloughed workers.
Bank said sharp increases in benefit claims are “consistent with a
pronounced rise in the unemployment rate”, which is expected to climb
above 9% this year, from the current rate of 4%.
Under the Bank's
scenario, inflation, as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI)
falls to zero at the start of next year amid the sharp drop in energy
prices.It is also expected to remain well below the Bank's 2% target for
the next two years.
The Bank warns that this is not a typical
forecast and that “many other scenarios are plausible”. But these
numbers provide the sharpest analysis yet of the economic challenge of
the virus and its pandemic.
Nonetheless the Bank has chosen to
continue with levels of economic stimulus announced last month. The
Monetary Policy Committee chose to keep base rates at their record low
of 0.1% and its bond buying quantitative easing programme at £645bn.
members of the nine-member MPC voted to further increase the funds
pumped into the government borrowing market by £100bn, suggesting the
Bank may yet do more.
Posted 09 Jun 2020

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