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The mountain Qi that has been canning not make up decision hard at see the Yan fly of after suppressing bandits invitation, immediately no longer hesitate, orderany to unite fleet facing dreamlike direction full speed headway in island right away, rob in other national warships close to the dreamlike island before control a dreamlike island.And the fighter jets f-15s of front organize into teams to also get an order, they give up the pirate ship of looking for the disappearance and continue the dreamlike island of facing arrive near probe, and solve the whole possible scrolls to match the trouble that the fleet brings threat plantation shutters.
    Those two pirate ships have been already disappeared, so can not let the dreamlike island know this news, otherwise the Yan flies once knowing threat not at, cancels to suppress bandits invitation, so unite a fleet into dreamlike some iniquities in the islands to talk not and fluently.Hence the disappearance of those two pirate ships no one pursue any further, even all no one lift them again.
    12 f-15s organizing into teams in the first give up the pirate ship of looking for the disappearance, at the time that direction flew, beginning facing dreamlike island's the sea water of sea surface was a burst of to seethe, seem have what bouncer will appear similar, then floated to come up a whale in the boiling sea water.
    This whale right away be just flown in the low altitude of the fighter jet f-15 airplane pilot discovered, however because have never according to a thing to carry on contrast, plus momentary thinking inertial, their neglecting the physical volume of this whale is what huge.Then they see the back of this whale peep out a surface, the whale back appeared the eyelet of a per.
    These fighter jet f-15 the airplane pilot is all one Leng, all of their big parts of persons are the time that once saw the whale breathing spray water, know that the whale top of head contains a bore of breath, but this whale back up how can appear so many bores?Is this whale a variation body?
    At their surprised of time, see appear light of fire in an eyelet of whale back, a guided missile is from this eyelet in fly out.Appear light of fire in immediately after more eyelets, more guided missiles fly out.Then these again appear light of fire in eyelet and again fly out a guided missile from the inside.
    Just for an instant, appeared more than 100 guided missiles in the sky.These guided missiles trail tail Yan and just flew up the sky, made track for the fighter jets f-15s in the sky to run.
    Pass other website reading originally the friends of book, if is possible, please to point of departure to support author, to collect or recommend no matter, again or is a subscription, is all encouragement to the author code word, thanks!
    That whale in just seeing sea surface of time, these airplane pilots f-15s had no what special of felling, just pure of feel this whale also the physical volume greatly order and act a little bit more vivid just.Who know that this whale suddenly becomes weapon battlefield, shot so many guided missiles a while and also carried on an attack to them.
    These airplane pilots f-15s all after the knowledge training in long time, so to in the world each guided missile model number of nation and functions all clearly, once at the time of battling meet then these guided missiles can carry on a homologous processing.But when they see the whale back shoot guided missile of time, but discover oneself basically incognizant this kind of guided missile, this is incredibly a kind of all new guided missile that has never appeared on the battlefield.
    And the function of these all new guided missiles is very strong, once they fly up the sky, automatically divided the line attack scope, made track for fighter jets f-15s on the sky to run.The airplane pilot of f-15 thinks too late and more, they part the backward square consociation fleet makes collective report the circumstance here, part operates an airplane quickly acceleration, pull to rise flight level, and a brain play all baits release to go out, will escape the attack scope of these guided missiles.
    The quickest speed per hour of f-15 comes to a 2500% velocities, but makes track for shot their don't the speed of the well-known guided missile but sooner, fully more than 600% velocities.Just one Shan, these guided missiles caught up to escape of fighter jets f-15. Wholesale plantation shutters
Posted 17 Jun 2020

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