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Now is the night of dreamlike island local time 11:30, but love only according to village local time but is 3:30 in afternoon.But love only according to village neighborhood clear weather, ten thousand insides have no cloud, have really fine observation view, if exist and what things and very and easily will be disheveled hair now in the sky.But the unmanned machine after getting stripe has already had certain optical camouflage function, although can not be also completely invisible from the optics,reigned in 25000 meters high empty after, underneath of the person don't ask for help of an equipments basically detection not the existence of the unmanned machine.
    Unmanned machine under of the space has slight motion, a space passage suddenly appears, and a small ball drops out from the space passage, then the space passage quickly disappears.That ball physical volume is very small, the diameter only has 2 Li rices, sees it quickly fallen off and wait until Be 200 meters apart from the ground of time, it descends of the speed have already shall arrived soon unimaginable situation.See that ball suddenly spilt open, the in mid air starts quickly transforming and became the sparrow in a gray.
    This sparrow and common sparrow look exactly alike, from outward appearance and head up basically can not tell difference.But actually it is a machine sparrow, produced of purpose be for carrying on an intelligence report collections.This special activity that is Yang Qi to exclusively fly for the Yan designs of the intelligence report collections machine sparrow, the Yan flies to go to Africa to serve as a duty this time and want to take this machine sparrow naturally up act together.
    The Yan flies to also be more and more familiar with to the usage of in general use space now, he directly controls the space passage that the unmanned machine carries, will be located in the machine sparrow in the in general use space to throw to go out, is it may be said done in complete secrecy.That machine sparrow completion after transforming, under arousing of miniature Gao Neng's battery in the body, its high speed instigates wing, high speed soon offsetted to crash down, start footloose air flying.
    Then the machine sparrow fly to water flank in the pond of underneath and cross boiling water fog, it arrived at that entrance to cave on the stone wall.Unmanned machine inside, the Yan flies eyes up wear a vr equipments, make use of this vr equipments and machine sparrow to share sense of vision, and operate the flight of machine sparrow.
    The Yan flies and discover very quickly, this entrance to cave is a lately- formed entrance to cave, because it the rock color on all sides is still all new of, what plant don't also grow, may form time for not more than a months very much.And this entrance to cave is to crash naturally formative of, is like also be from the outside used violence to force open of, so entrance to cave very not norm.Outside see into from the entrance to cave, discovering entrance to cave the inside is pitch dark, a see not and exactly.
    Observed for a while, didn't discover cave in have what excrescent circumstance, the Yan flies and then controls machine sparrow to fly forward and directly gets into a cave.Entrance to cave someone passes in and out the movable trace that leaves behind, but the entrance to cave has no personnel a value to guard.The machine sparrow inside in the careful facing cave fly, discovered to just get into entrance to cave behind is a tunnel of flection.Although this tunnel highly comes to a 2 meters, very narrow, can allow a person into.And headway of time curving, very not walk.
    However machine sparrow the body is small, and very vivid, under the operation that Yan fly, it is the narrow and small passage that was very easy and then once wored this length to attain 200 meters, then discover that the inside is a very open spaces hemisphere form a cave.
    The physical volume of this hemisphere form cave is very huge, its height comes to a more than 20 rices, and the radius has 50 meters at least.And ground the top is incredibly very flat, can ast least accept several 100 people at the same time in my activity.The crag by the side of this hemisphere form cave up, can also see some leading everywhere entrance to caves, just don't know these entrance to caves to concretely lead to where.
    There was the information of satellite system in the world to spread ability, plused machine sparrow to use the communication technique of strengthening the version, make machine sparrow even if get into the halfway up a hill of inside, the Yan flies to also pass satellite system conjunction to start up machine sparrow and see the concrete circumstance of inside. plantation shutters
Posted 28 Jun 2020

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Posted 28 Jun 2020

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