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Even if the willow didn't leave China, the Yan flew to can't pass him, either.  The willow before realizes danger, so nearby of Anne
protect very strictly, 24 hours all someone without a break carry on a
protection.And for the sake of just in case, willow basically not far
door, even don't leave a city center, say nothing of wild countryside
open country.So even if the Yan flies to want to start out machine
sparrow to launch an attack to let willow heart palsy, there is all no
this opportunity.  The attack of machine sparrow have to near the target
is inside one meter scope, it shoots then ice needle to break open a
human body skin and lets the medicine get into a human body body.And
machine sparrow even if the body figure is small, at those bodyguard 24
hour tight protection under also is not likely to approach the willow
one meter scope, can not get into effective attack scope, the nature can
not also done in complete secrecily polish off willow.  So even if the
Yan flies to have to kill heart and want to polish off willow is not an
easy affair either Ken Griffey Jr reds Jersey.Unless the Yan flies ignore regardless of, directly kill willow.However the
words like that will give offense to China, will arouse otiose dispute. 
In addition, the Yan flew to also notice to appear in Yang Qing Zui of
those four greatest absolute being classes superior.At that time Yang
Qing for the sake of suddenly and leisurely Sun Jia joined assassinate
squad, so invented one assassinate squad come out.But the member who
assassinates squad include the little Zuo of old man the Huo mountain,
insularity in the leader mountain of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name
parties and the rice country cia Tang Seng and wild beast Pete Rose reds Jersey.  Old man in mountain Huo mountain and Tang Seng, Yan's flying all has
been already experienced, knew their severe.Is opposite to come to say,
the little Zuo of the insularity and the wild beast of the rice country
fly to the Yan to say some Be getting more unfamiliar.However the Yan
flies to have all-powerful artificial intelligence "fantasy" and be
"fantasy" on the network and carry on in great quantities after
searching, Yan's flying has to arrive right away concerning the little
Zuo and the wild beast of information data.  However the little Zuo is
all as quite a little as the information data of the wild beast, only
have speech phrase on the whole network, incomplete, the Yan flies
basically concrete intelligence report of coulding not control 2
people.If isn't that the "fantasy" ability is outstanding, perhaps even
collects these speech phrases not to arrive.  From the information data,
the Yan flies the little Zuo of discovering the insularity very
mysterious, because incredibly no one know what the sex of little Zuo
is, also not remembers his outlooking, also not know little Zuo from
when the beginning appears in the insularity.But everyone has a
consensus, that is the little Zuo is an absolute being class superior. 
The little Zuo is very conducting in a low-key way, how basically don't
appear.But recently several ten years in, as long as insularity
political arena appears violent change Amir Garrett Jersey, turning point the little Zuo will appear, with lend own strength to
turn round the universe, ducting moral path in insularity political
arena, then little Zuo meeting again disappear, who don't know as well
he arrive where go.  But another absolute being class superior's wild
beast is equally very mysterious, no one knows his inside
situation.However from is "dreamlike" the incomplete information for
collecting, mostly can discover that the wild beast is originally a rice
soldier common soldier, but because the not well-known reason makes the
variation happen in his body, the body surface appears the
characteristic of some wild beasts.  The monster of this kind of body
turns to let wild beast personality to greatly change, then is disgraced
to appear in public and conceal oneself.However he also benefits from
adversity, because the body monster turns of reason, he is getting more
very clear to the comprehension of world, incredibly in the chance and
opportunity strangely fits under break the door of absolute being class,
become an absolute being class superior.However the Yan flies to
acquire of data in although say that the wild beast is very severe,has
no official record that he makes moves, so not only the nobody know a
wild beast long what appearance, even also the nobody know that his real
strenght actually arrived what extent.  Even if with"dreamlike"
high-efficiency, can find out of concerning insularity little Zuo and
the intelligence report of the rice country wild beast is also quite a
little, even the decisive information is still incomplete.However with
these data, be good enough to let Yan to fly to raise a vigilance to
them.Because all of them are absolute being classes superior, as long as
is an absolute being class superior, not deal with, even if this
absolute being class superior's real strenght is small and weak also
similar Aristides Aquino Jersey.  Let most the Yan flies to have never thought of, is Tang Seng's current
situation.From the inside of Yang Qing Zui, the Yan flew to know that
Tang Seng is from the underground is dug out to sink into obfuscation
behind, this lets he is very strange.The previous segment maple leaf
comes to assassinate Yan to fly, triggering Yan to fly the trap of
establishing the bottom as a result, then being covered up the deep
place is at the underground.However the segment maple leaf didn't lose a
mobility, but moved in the underground rapid Teng, livingly the deep
underground climbed to in the ground from 100 meters, seem to press in
around ten thousand ton rocks on his body to have no weight.  And Tang
Seng's real strenght obviously and still just segment maple leaf on, so
even if be covered up in the underground also is not likely to lose a
mobility, more impossible and collapsed and fainted.The previous Yan
flies to fight with Tang Seng in the rice country underground tunnel in
the Las Vegas, the Yan flew to once cover up Tang Seng in the
underground, however that of Tang Seng wased very quick and then broked
ground from the underground but, made a show of strong real
strenght.After having this precedent, Tang Seng absolutely can't because
of be covered up in the underground the obfuscation is up to now.  But
this circumstance really took place, Tang Seng's obfuscation didn't come
to, this lets the Yan fly some can not comprehend.However the Yan flies
to release right away however, Tang Seng is his enemy, so Tang Seng's
obfuscation to he is to have an advantage.If the words that is possible Barry Larkin Jersey, the Yan flies to hope that all of his/her own all enemies sink into
obfuscation, so he will reduce a lot of troubles.Even if don't fight, he
can also acquire the victory of end.  As for old man in mountain Huo
mountain, the Yan flies not to dare to forget.The situation in Middle
East, fly eternal life for Yan unforgettable profoundly memory.Only on
thinking of the terror of that time Huo mountain, the Yan flies a bit
tremble with fear.Also from the Huo mountain body up, let the Yan fly
the real strenght margin of discovering himself/herself and absolute
being class superior exactlyHave much big.  However the Huo mountain has
already concealed quick three yearses, till now also no one discover
his trace.More the nobody knows his condition of the injury how?Where is
he now?What is his next move plan ?  Because why don't know as well,
the Yan flies to worry in the heart.If the antinomy that says he and
Tang Seng is just position different, words have to stand opposite, so
he and the Huo mountain really was a great enmity.For destroy completely
indirect responsibility person Yan of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name
parties fly, the Huo mountain will definitely seek Yan to fly to revenge
while canning not finding to demolish.But Huo mountain again is
assassinate of king, once he make moves, that is really astounding, real
strenght fly by the Yan in nowadays, connecting the dodgy mind didn't
appear the meeting be killed.  Yan's flying has already felt a layer
after layer crisis, so is just thinking for the sake of own safety, the
Yan flies the information that will highly value four absolute being
class superiors, such as, Huo mountain, and little Zuo, Tang Seng, and
wild beast...etc.s and prevent°froms them really coming to assassinate
they.  Yang Qing before lures Sun Jia to join although the reason of
assassinating the squad is a plait of, he says of the reason but quite
right, difficult protect other people can't living a same viewpoint.Once
someone makes use of these to set up an another a to assassinate squad
to deal with himself/herself, the Yan flies and then really bothered.
After completing a task, that machine sparrow instigates wing, the
facing the sky flies. But conceal cloud the unmanned machine of the
regiment then quickly descends, with machine sparrow at Be 300 meters
apart from the ground of Gao Kong meet and see the space passage that
unmanned machine quickly open in general use space, carry on machine
sparrow recall.After waiting until recall completion, the unmanned
organization shuts space passage, the rapid rally arrives 25000 meters
high empty.  The whole recall process of machine sparrow clean benefit
Suo, in very short time in all completion.Is exactly dead hour now, the
sky utter darkness one, adding here is an old deep mountain wood, the
human footprints is rare to go to, and basic no one discovers that the
sky appeared a huge body figure concealed body airplane.Then the
unmanned machine explore a clear direction, beginning facing China the
direction of desert in the west quickly fly.  Yang Qing's car turned
over valley and sent out a huge voice first to ring, immediately after
the car is leaked of the fuel spark and produced a great deal of smoke
and glow-in-the-dark, however because that valley very strange reason,
add to there is almost no car in neighborhood to pass by, so basic no
one discovers this different elephant.
Posted 20 Jul 2020

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