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That time, all evidence will all disappear, who don't know the true facts of this trouble as well. The Yan flew to realize layer after
layer danger, so after just annihilating one to aim at his/her own
scheme, the horse started moving to Huang Sha Nuo in desert in the west
the Kuang a life time of dreamlike island work.His wanting is most
constructing new land in the dreamlike island in short time completion,
the convenient dreamlike island carries on developing for the second
time. Fly after Yan indefatigable effort, after 20 days Chris Sabo Jersey, all of Huang Shas that new land in the dreamlike island needs move to
move completion.If the huge quantity of yellow sand appear in the new
land, if are in the new land these stand of Huang Sha Ping, new
terrestrial of the yellow sand thickness will attain two meters.Compute
with the so thick yellow sand, can already satisfy in the new land and
carry on the condition of the development. Hence under the secret order
that flies in the Yan, the workers of dreamlike building start stepping
over white fog edge and get into new land.The previous Yan flies to
strictly take precautions against and forbids owner to get into white
fog edge, so the persons of dreamlike island all dialogue fog edge
exactly is what very good.They are allowed into an inside now, then at
in after discovering a huge land of a piece of area, they immediately
drive surprised Be getting more foolish. These people before once
carried on understand to the dreamlike island at the net, knew a
dreamlike island waters although the area is huge,the area peeped out
only having of sea surface 108 islands before, and these island areas
are narrow and small Dave Concepcion Jersey, the total area added together didn't also more than 1 square kilometer,
more key is with each other not connect with each other, can not make
use of at all.Suddenly appear the group of islands that an area attains
202 square kilometers over there have already enough frightenned a
person, but unexpectedly will appear a more huge group of islands.These
two lately old group of islandses connect together, already more than a
lot of islands in the world, the enough dreamlike island satisfies an
oneself development to need. However these construction worker's horses
are happy, they have already taken they as the employee of dreamlike
island and also prepare in the dreamlike island to live over a long
period of time.The dreamlike island is more big, representative its
development potential is more big, this is a good affair to them.Go to
over here why will appear thus huge group of islands, that is the
scientist's affair, is as irrelevant as they.They as long as according
to the Yan fly next reach of order, will develop construction to come
out here all right. In these construction workers Eugenio Suarez Jersey, there are also some good persons, they by hand the machine take the new
land picture here down, then spread to a net, again or is to tell the
other people own career, carry on showing.However finally their was all
failure, because the whole dreamlike islands are all placed in the
absolute supervision of artificial intelligence"fantasy" under. All of
picture and information that these people spread didn't pass examining
of"fantasy", can not spread to a net, nature also no one know the new
circumstance that dreamlike island appears.After knowing that someone
pays no attention to almost divulge a secret, the management section
beginning of dreamlike island carries on the training that keeps secret
knowledge to these construction workers, make them not go out the
information leakiness of new land in the dreamlike island. In addition
to dreamlike construction worker, the others aren't allowed inside new
land, so after working out the problem of keeping secret of construction
worker, add the tight supervision of artificial intelligence"fantasy",
before the top of head the sky white fog doesn't have complete
dissipation, the world returns no one to know dreamlike island again the
all new land of increasing of absolute being sort 3000 square
kilometers …… within this period of time, the development of dreamlike
island is more and more quick, even arrived on the first the situation
of a long distance.Dreamlike island already and China a few local the
large business enterprise reach a quite a few pen technique to cooperate
agreement, it includes nowadays most ex- follow of auto driver the car
technique, company use the great airplane technique, the vr virtual
realistic technique, intelligence home technique and Chinese language
talks edition of computer operate system etc.. After getting dreamlike
technique support in the island, and the dreamlike island cooperate of
the China business enterprise will make up deficiency technique short
plank, on jumping a science and technology tycoon who become the place
profession, will produce the high-tech product of the most
sophisticated, rob to have a western national business enterprise of
quilt to occupy over a long period of time of high-tech quota in the
profession market.And dreamlike island will also at and China the
cooperation process of the business enterprise acquire a huge benefits Joey Votto Jersey, and carry out a quickly extending of the dreamlike island. In this
period, also a great deal of Beijing leadership wants to plea for
interview Yan to fly.It included to take the lead to query a dreamlike
product quality problem in island last year, and the first publicly
boycotted a dreamlike island product of took Li Jia Po as the
representative's small nation. These nation have no idea direction of
wind, jumping out of no time for waiting hasty vanguard in the anti-
dreamlike island of acting as the rice country, the result is been anti-
to make by the dreamlike island, make their local terminal disease
sufferer can not get dreamlike island of save to cure.More decisive BE,
world only they are these nations that boycott a dreamlike island, they
imagine of the whole world was allied the situations of product putting
together to boycott a dreamlike island don't appear.BE their backstage
owner rice country, also already and the dreamlike island reach to reach
agreement and relieve to sell a restriction order, the product that
allows a dreamlike island afresh gets into the rice country sale in the
market.Make these Beijing leaderships very embarrassed by so doing.
More decisive BE, dreamlike terminal disease hospital in the island
announced the second terminal disease catalogue that can be cured of
after celebrating the New Year, in this terminal disease treatment
catalogue, added to add a leukemia and gradually freeze person's
disease, type diseases with three kinds of rheumatism etc..These three
kinds of new terminal diseases, in addition to leukemia, other 2 kinds
can not cure of, and be regarded as a leukemia at all, if etc. doesn't
transplant to the marrow matching, can not also cure of.But the
dreamlike island has already appeared the method that can thoroughly
cure of they now, this also makes more this kind of terminal disease
sufferers have a rare hope. Is exactly to discover that the dreamlike
island terminal disease hospital renewed terminal disease catalogue,
these nation were subjected to of come from inner part of the pressure
Be getting more huge.Because their local rich can not enjoy treatment
service of dreamlike island,So continuously exert pressure for own
nation, if their nation can not also solve with the antinomy of
dreamlike island, so they will immigrate, choose that becoming is other
to get the dreamlike island saves to cure of nation of citizen. Under
the huge pressure function, these nation finally go to move, will before
carry on a punishment to the hospital, medium that the dreamlike island
product does a deceitful reports and report and rectified dreamlike
island product's negative news in the oneself national inner part, and
lifted the ban a dreamlike island product local sale is at
oneself;Immediately after handled a carry on aiming at sex arrangement
to the dreamlike island product of leader;The end is to continuously
plea for interview dreamlike island host Yan to fly, hope to reach
understanding agreement with dreamlike island. With the original
viewpoint that the Yan flies, he is to prohibit to fully forgive these
national.However persuade in six Ping pings under, he still temporarily
let go of prejudice, the decision gives the other party an
opportunity.The after all dreamlike island is still placed in to develop
a stage and also needs to notice international influence, much a friend
absolutely many an enemies are worthwhile.So is replaced Yan by six
Ping pings to fly to appear publicly, at heard these nation to before
the explanation of affair behind, dreamlike island or reached
understanding agreement Johnny Bench Jersey, brought these nation into the dreamlike island amity to cooperate
national catalogue and agreed that their local terminal disease sufferer
can also come dreamlike island to accept a treatment with them.
However Be forgive these nation of condition, when these national
terminal disease sufferers come to carry on a treatment, their treatment
fee for paying will attain USD 50,000,000, is world's tallest
standard.Opportunity to finally live a life, again need not leave the
nation that oneself can make money, the billionaires of those nation
still kept choosing to accept the way of doing that the dreamlike island
is similar to a "blackmail".However their in the mind not Fen, usually
ask for trouble for leadering of his/her own nation in the later day,
let these made a mistake of of leader a day specially not lead. Pass by
a many month of after trying to carry a camp, the dreamlike airport
finally spent to whet to match a period and slowly developed to come
from F the advantage of the intelligence airport, start extending the
amount of services, deliver more travellers.
Posted 20 Jul 2020

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