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Since this time, the dreamlike island truely had to come to the ability of quickly allied whole world and waited until the airplane that the
dreamlike airline bought all good enough after, there is ability in the
dreamlike island send to whichever city in the world of traveller. For
carrying on carrying a camp to the casino of dreamlike island, fantasy's
gambling group has already formally established, they are carrying on
various training to the staff member of casino, and draw up to gamble
rule, wait for the casino in May formally starting practice Ken Griffey Jr Jersey. However the casino nearby red light district canvasses business to
work some Be getting more slow-moving, because a lot of luck camps
square still just carries on a negotiation and wants to acquire larger
income with dreamlike island.However along with arrive at person's
discharge of dreamlike island more and more big, these luck camp the
square start slowly changing an attitude, will soon in the near future
reach to negotiate with the cooperation of dreamlike island. But along
with the formal luck camp of dreamlike aviation circuit in the island,
the dreamlike island slowly becomes prosperous.To know that all of the
big parts of the person of dreamlike island are Gao income crowds their
consumption ability is very violent, so someone stares at dreamlike this
piece of fat meat in the island, starts in various convenient service
in the dreamlike island and wants to earning big money.And some
amusement stars, also starts regarding as a dreamlike island field in
own Hsinshih, arrive at a dreamlike island to carry on various
publicity, so the dreamlike airport often can see a few circumstances
that the amusement stars arrive Luis Castillo Jersey. Everything that takes place to the dreamlike island, as long as the
management system that doesn't breach a dreamlike island, Yan's flying
can't obstruct and on the contrary hold to welcome an attitude, the
after all dreamlike island is more prosperous, the population of
dreamlike island will be more many, would reach the purpose that he
increases population. The Yan flies to not and directly manage a
commercial affair, he has already handed over to six managements of Ping
Ping all of these affairs.He now unique concern of, is own real
strenght to promote a problem.At face absolute being class the superior
assassinate possible of time, is still that oneself's real strenght
promote the most important.Unfortunately he is more worried, more a
confused and worried while carrying on three Wus, basically can not find
the chance of breakthrough.Several times even almost going off
accidentally to go into is evil, been anti- to bite by the world
spiritual influence. Fly to fall into the time that the real strenght
promotes a predicament in the Yan, the China domestic will soon convene
for a year it most is a meeting of importance.The dreamlike island is
the existence of the most special China, is also can participate in to
this meeting it. The time in former years, Yan's flying don't attend
this meeting and all let six Ping Ping the representative him/herself
go.But this year is a bit different, because the Yan flies to be
subjected to an invitation, this invitation is China's tallest layer
countersign of, invitation inside the roll call ask Yan to fly to go to
emperors all and participate in the meeting discussion this time Michael Lorenzen Jersey. See the signature that the invitation is tallest to leader, the Yan
flies to immediately no longer push to take off and agreed to take part
in this meeting.Although invitation didn't say clearly, the Yan flies to
know it in heart, develops for dreamlike island this period of time
really too and quickly and adds and China a little bit local the large
business enterprise of people's livelihood relating to a national policy
reached a cooperative relation, the noodles should be the cooperation
to them to contain worry, so want to understand Yan to fly the plan of
in the mind. With the viewpoint that the Yan flies, he doesn't want to
leave a dreamlike island, because he still is thinking promoting his
owning real strenght in short time most , however China since invite him
in person, he affirmation want the attendant, it is otherwise not to do
one the honor.After all and China still keep flying a lot of helps for
Yan, stand in the turning point his this side doesn't say and also send a
superior once protected the Yan flies of safety. Let the Yan fly to
decide to take part in this meeting to have another reason still, that
is the China this meeting is count for much, almost all high-ranking
officials' celebrities will participate in to this meeting it, is that
the willow is no exception. Yang Qing is still kept being discovered in
several days by the burnt corpse, the willow knows that his/her own the
last son immediately becomes a bit crazy after also dying, re- becomes
active and starts being in the domestic carry on openly defiant actly
establishing.Willow some cooperations that want to carry on science and
technology with dreamlike island, but the business enterprise being
eliminated because various condition don't reach a mark Be allied to put
together, the set sets up a major league that aims at Yan to fly with
dreamlike island. These business enterprise although being eliminated
by the dreamlike island,do not represent their influences isn't big once
these business enterprises really unite to put together, will be very
terrible strength and is good enough to local development to result in
negative effect in China to the dreamlike island. So is discovering
this major league will soon the set set up successful of time, the Yan
flies decision in person horse, a time of solve chief criminal's willow
thoroughly.After having no the person of willow this enough weight to
lead long a head, the anti- dreamlike island alliance that still is
placed in Qiang Bao will the soil collapse to break up, can not result
in threat for dreamlike island any further.But willow does this always
fly to make with Yan?The good luck Nuo plays to tread the does the
vexed print? Hence after arranging very all works, the Yan flies and six
Ping pings take attendant personnel, set out from the dreamlike island
airport, embarked the airplane of dreamlike airline to fly directly to
China emperors all, took part in this to say a count for much meeting in
China. At send off of personnel in, the gentleness is to don't give up
most , fly the time that will soon get on board in the Yan, she still
pulls the Yan flies of hand, repeatedly give repeated advice to"small
fly, your a person is in the outside, must notice a safety!" The Yan
flew on the gentle and soft face to kiss for a while and said" is small
soft, stop worrying, I just hold a meeting to the China just, again not
is arrive what deathtrap, can't meet dangerous." The gentleness says" is
like this good, however you must remember and meet no matter what
difficulty, all want to grind teeth persistence.I will wait you in the
dreamlike island Pete Rose Jersey, so you must are safe back." The Yan flies to say" is small soft, I will
definitely safe come back." Had a gentleness of after reminding, the
Yan flies to also start considering his/her own safe problem.Though what
he embarks is the aviation airplane of his own house, but can not
promise 100100 safeties of dividings, so etc. he to take of airplane
formally take-off after, the Yan flies transfer to conceal at bottom of
sea of unmanned machine, let the unmanned machine fly 25000 meters high
empty, ensure the safety of he or she, this airplane from the square.
Escort in the unmanned machine under, just three hours, Yan's flying
this airplane has never met arriving at of any unexpected obstacles
China international airport in the capital city.The Yan flies to walk to
get off the airplane, blue sky white cloud looking at emperors all, the
in the mind secretly says"willow, since you want to be hasty to seek
dead, that makes us come to the gratitude and grudge to thoroughly
The Yan flies to arrive at emperors all, lived into emperors all east
of a set of alone four match a hospital in.
Is this set of four match a hospital is six Ping pings are purchased
with company name, exclusively used for Yan to fly on the emperors to
all live.Is this set of four after matching a hospital to buy down,
already according to the opinion of six Ping pings do adequacy of change
to set up and repair, so when the Yan flies into this set of four match
a hospital after, detection inside of repair with furniture and set up
very is suit his/her own taste.
Is this set of four match hospital area isn't very big, inside a
line of woods quality house, yard exact center is a big tree, the tree
bottom still has an ancient well, the environment on all sides very
calmness with cultured.However six oneselfs of Ping Ping didn't live in
this set of four match in the hospital, she live with company other
personnelses together in the dreamlike island in the emperors all of
office in.
Keep company with Yan to fly here of, only the Yan flies of personal
bodyguard.These bodyguards live in the outmost house and fly to provide
a safe protection for Yan.The Yan flies oneself the real strenght isn't
strong, basically do need the other people's protection, however the
Yan flies afraid bother, these bodyguards at the right moment can hold
up some persons who don't want to see for him, so would allow them heel
at oneself is nearby.
Know the Yan flew to arrive emperors all, that evening have special
car to come to connect to send to Yan to fly with six Ping pings, send
into their 2 people China right within layer after layer protection
axis, and China the key figures meet.This meeting belongs to a secret
meeting, didn't outward attend to needs, dreamlike participation in the
island met of only the Yan fly with six key personnels.
2 people in China axis in foolish more than four hours, then they
take the night view leave.For this meeting, no matter is a Yan to fly
still six Ping pings, all had no to outward once leak any news.However
when they leave China axis, all take satisfied smiling face on the face.
Posted 20 Jul 2020

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